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Here are tutorials to get started with photoshop or as a refresher.
Please use headphones in class for enhancing photos.

Student Survey ; )


Google Doodle FHS Verdi Class Winners

Congratulations to our class

Google Doodle Winners!

Ms.Verdi’s Graphic Classes participated in the Google Doodle contest and the winners were selected by fellow classmates students and some staff at FHS. The Grand winner was Gemma Tracey-Burns. Honorable Mention winners are: Caroline Rennie, Brittany Steurwald, Nico Eduardo Llanos, Cody Stoufer, Nicholas DiNello, and Lakin McSwan.  Their works are currently on exhibit in the Falmouth High School Library along with many other students’ works. It was very hard to choose as there were so many excellent ideas and designs. Many thanks to all the voters of staff and students and a BIG CONGRATS   to  all who participated!

Honorable Mention Winners are:

“Congrats Graphics 1 Winners of Marine Art”

Congratulations to FIVE Graphic1 students in Ms. Verdi’s classes in grades 9-11 who were chosen winners in the Stellwagen Marine Art Contest as Honorable Awards.  These students were chosen from over 750 art pieces and were among  the best from our school.  The works will be part of a traveling exhibit for the Stellwagen Marine Bay. For more info on the contest see our previous blog on the contest. 

Social Network

SOCIAL Network Please download this worksheet and complete it to prepare for a classroom discussion.

Dreamweaver PORTFOLIO

Using  the WYSIWYG Dreamweaver and Inspiration, create a website for your own Portfolio. Following the criteria listed on the lesson plan and rubric,

save everything in a new folder ( including images) called portfolio_your name.   Be Creative!  Add a banner with your name individualized and a gallery of pictures set orderly in a table or slideshow page.  All pages must have a navigation bar for easy access to the pages within your website.

Please be sure to have used all formatting tags and content. Ask Ms. Verdi for additional info and always remember – all content is to be “appropriate for school use”.  Good luck and have fun !

Stellwagen Marine Bank

Here is your chance to learn about Marine life and use your designing skills using Photoshop to create a poster for the

Stellwagen Marine Art Contest. After viewing the past winners examples and reading the guidelines, begin your work on 8.5 x 11 file.

Make sure you research the Stellwagen Marine Bank  for your selection of fish and organisms. Posters due with Ms.Verdi on April 13th.

This is a class assignment – so do your best and you may be fortunate to be selected as a contest winner!

Please take a moment to review some of the past winners from Falmouth High School Graphics’ classes.

“Doodle for Google” 2011 “What I want to be someday…”


and all student entries will be submitted to our Classes Contest. Submit work to the \\clipper1 VERDI  folder by March 31st. Good luck!  Every one will get a grade and some will win a PRIZE ; )



Today officially opens Google contest for students to re-design the Google trademark logo. Use this Doodle4Google_Template to create a Google Doodle of  “What I Want to Do Someday”.   Prizes include scholarships , recognition, and important Google logo experience. This year is OPEN for entries by Educators, Parents, and Boys/Girls Clubs for individual students- only one entry per child.

No 3D but one can use digital software and tools in addition to pens, crayons, and paper mediums.

Prizes include $15,000 scholarship for the winning student and funding for the school submitting. a trip to the Google New York office for an event on May 19, 2011, a laptop computer, a Wacom digital design tablet, and a t-shirt printed with his or her doodle on it. An award will also go to the winner’s school in the forma of a $25,000 technology grant towards the establishment or improvement of a computer lab or technology programming.( see site for more info.)

When you are preparing your Doodle for Google” keep in mind the following criteria ( from the official rules) :

  • Artistic merit: based on grade group and artistic skill
  • Creativity: based on the representation of the theme and use of the Google logo
  • Theme communication: how well the theme is expressed
  • Appropriateness of the supporting statement
  • NOTE – the ‘THEME IS: “WHAT I WANT TO BE SOMEDAY”   and something to remember….
  • Registration closes at 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT) on March 2, 2011, and entries must be postmarked by March 16, 2011 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT). The winning doodle to be posted online on May 20, 2011.

Check out the GOOGLE DOODLE library.  Love those designs  :  ) Doodle4Google_Templates

NOTE: Submissions for the OFFICIAL Google contest closed on March 16th- forms needed to be signed and completed with entry at that time. HOWEVER.. this is a

TIME FB Man of the Year

TIME  Man of the Year

FBMark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, originator of FaceBook has been selected by TIME Magazine as being one the most influential people of the year.  Like the film that presents the FB story, ” The Social Network”, Zuckerberg’s recognition has created as much controversy about this selection.  Most people agree that anything that changes the world and involves 500  million users, transformed business practices and the ways that we as a globe communicate, etc etc etc. HAS RELEVANCE !  and I have to agree, deserves recognition. It is not all “good’ in the life of FB or Zuckerberg – as so many critics of his practices of Face Book from it’s origins and how it developed have been raising questions regarding “ownership of ideas” – especially in the development stage with technology and media and “ownership of IMAGES and Information”- what is Personal and who gets to SEE your online footprints and histories. Hence, one has to admit that no matter how you look at it, this one man’s technical savvy and whims for creating something new has become an innovation that has indeed changed the world we live in today.  I don’t believe he envisioned the vast audience that he would engage in online activity nor the ramifications that developed as a result; however, they did and he did “benefit” and is to be acknowledged. From what I can tell, Mark Zuckerberg is unique and is evolving and taking these opportunities to new levels as he matures and is acknowledged for the wide spread use of his “invention”. For that I say, Congratulations!  He is a Man of the Year as his initial dedication to developing an idea and pursuing it inspite of many obstacles and sacrifices ( he was not partying in Harvard Square many a night like other college kids do at times)- and he has given up his privileges to be anonymous in society at a very young age which has it’s drawbacks. Let’s hope he is guided by some caring, wise, and honest people as he moves into the next new year! “The Social Network”- coming soon – my review as that’s another story.