We’re Following George!

What is a Georger?  Well, in our classroom each year (since 2008!!!), we all are Georgers!!  We are participating in an online project to track the flow of money in our economy.  Students bring in dollar bills.  We stamp them with the Where’s George? stamp, record the serial number and series year, and then enter them into our Where’s George? page.  Hopefully, as the weeks go by, we will see some of these bills resurface.  Be sure to visit the Where’s George? site to learn more….



Our Where’s George? profile

We just found a bill and entered it today – if I can, I’ll try to keep up with posting new bills!

December 2, 2011:

We have two updates to add!

Mrs. Steele found a Where’s George dollar and brought it in – we entered it and found it came from Springfield:

Elliot also brought in a bill, which he found – looks like this one was originally released from Fitchburg, MA, and then continued to Wappinger Falls, NY, and it finally ended up in the hands of Elliot:

So, just as an update – here are our latest standings.  Not bad, for a project we’ve had ongoing since Spring, 2008!

January 27, 2012

Today, Trevor brought in a dollar bill his mom gave him.  We entered the bill, and later that night, we heard from the original Georger!  So FUN!!

“Hello Mrs. Brooks!

I am writing about your:  One dollar bill, Serial Number: K8356—5A Series: 2009 that you entered into Where’s George?…

Here’s a link to the bill: http://www.wheresgeorge.com/report.php?key=09026ff6fb8accae485e57b087cfc9b048e2190d8000fe51

Thanks for taking the time to enter this bill.  And thanks for leaving the note.  A short note always makes a hit more interesting.

Good luck with your project.  I was using this to teach my granddaughter local geography until her attention switched to boys.  Now I’m back to doing it alone.


Tom (Packrat)”


October 18, 2013:

This morning Mr. Brooks came home with a  Where’s George dollar bill for me to enter, and I was glad he did! It reminded me that we need to get back to George-ing in the classroom! Almost all the bills we encounter are from New England, and this one is no exception… It’s lots of fun and I hope my students enjoy tracking bills this year!!

Screenshot 10:19:13 8:59 AM-2Screenshot 10:19:13 9:04 AM-2

Here is a link to our Where’s George? profile…


  • isabelle:

    Hi Mrs.Brooks,
    I spent my doller and I wanted to know how to check and see were it went!Let me know!

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Isabelle,

      The tricky part about those dollars — is that you have to patiently wait for someone to find it, and then hope that they see the stamp, and then cross your fingers that they will decide to enter it into the website. There’s a good chance that you won’t hear anything this year – but you never know!!!! Hang in there – and remember you can always bring in more to see if that helps to have more show up!!!!

      Thanks for your comment,
      Mrs. Brooks

  • Hi miss Brook,
    I miss FOLLOWING GEORGE I still go on when i fine moey with the stamp on it

    Your Old Student,

  • We can’t access Wheres George!

  • Suzy Brooks:

    hmmmm….. Let me see if I can figure out a way for you to see it – I’ll send out a new link when I figure it out :) .

    Thanks for the heads-up!

    Mrs. Brooks

  • Jonathan:

    Hi Mrs. Brooks, How are you doing?? what time did you woke up this

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Jonathan,

      I was up early today – we had Carson’s last day of soccer…. We were lucky and it wasn’t too cold out. Now we’re home cleaning the house and going to visit friends for dinner. I hope you have a great day! What time did you wake up???

      Mrs. Brooks

  • Jonathan:

    Hi Mrs. Brooks, Remember the coposer of minuet 2 on the suzuki piano last year?? it’s one of my favorite suzuki piano C.D….
    well have you diside that you come over and see me????????????
    I hope so.. less then> & < grader right???? I bet that I stayed
    up late because I forgot my raido. so I went down the stares well before that I went like the coste is cleared because I had to be quite so I don't want to wake up my mom last night….

    Love Jonathan

  • Suzy Brooks:

    Hi Jonathan!

    The time change can make us do crazy things! Hopefully you were only downstairs for a few minutes and then went back to bed.

    The Less Than sign is this one

    I try to remember the Less Than sign because it looks like a squished-down upper-case L. L <

    As soon as I figure out a time to see you, I'll let your mom and dad know! Have a great Sunday night, my friend!

    Love, Mrs. Brooks

  • hey there Mrs. Brooks and third-graders..!!

    Found this post and your blog while following some other WG? stuff.

    Glad to see, from your WG? profile page, that you have had a few hits on your bills.

    Good luck (and work hard..!) the rest of the year..!!


    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hey Tom,

      Thanks so much for visiting, and for taking the time to comment – new comments make Third Graders smile!!!

      Enjoy your Where’s George adventures!!!

      Mrs. Brooks (Suzy)

  • Grace:

    I found this page while searching for Where’s George stuff because I got a bill with wheresgeorge on it. How cool is it that a school class is doing this! The comments from your students are so cute! I hope some of your bills were entered!

  • Kyle DeMello:

    Hi mis Brooks.
    I think follow George is cool.It is neat how you can track your dollar.I wonder where George is going to end up next?

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Kyle –

      We have entered so many dollar bills over the years – I hope this year we receive more hits on our money! It’s always fun to look up the bills, and see where they end up!!

      See you tomorrow!
      Mrs. Brooks

  • Hi Everyone,
    I think your idea of “Where’s George?” is a great one. What do you do when a note you have stamped turns up? Have you had any notes turn up more than once?
    This actually sounds like a very big job!
    Sarah Grant
    teacher, South Australia

    • Mrs. Brooks:

      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for commenting on our page “Where’s George?”. We felt shocked and excited when we saw that you were a teacher from South Australia! One of my students will be particularly excited, because her family comes from Australia as well.

      When a bill we have stamped shows up, I show the students the “hit” on the SMARTBoard in the classroom in the morning. We notice how many days it has been out in circulation, and also just how far it has traveled. We usually look on a map to see the journey. We’ve seen bills show up more than once, but none of our particular ones have at this point. We hope they do!

      Thanks again for taking the time to stop by and visit, and to leave us such a nice comment.

      See you soon,
      Suzy Brooks and all of her third graders (who are sitting on the floor right now, watching me type).

  • Jonathan:

    Hi Mrs. Brooks, I was listening to the song called clocks by cold play in youtube.com.

    Jonathan :) :) :) :)

  • Suzy Brooks:

    Jonathan – hi there!

    I love Coldplay – do you remember that song was one of the ones in the Veteran’s Day video I showed you in 3rd grade? They were all disabled Veterans who were playing all kinds of amazing sports. I show it every year and love it.

    Happy Night!
    Mrs. Brooks

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