Student Writing

The tiniest story

in your life

can deeply touch another.

You cannot know

the effect

your story might have.

Celebrate the mysteries.

Dance on the edges

of new beginnings.

Disturb the Universe.

History starts now.

We currently use the Lucy Calkins writing program from grades K-4.  As we make our way through the units, I will post student writing here on the blog.  Enjoy!

My Disclaimer:  When posting student writing on the blog, I type it all by hand. I correct the spelling, and help with punctuation, for ease of understanding.  There are bound to be some typos, so if you find one, let me know!

October 2, 2009:

Living Like Writers, Dreaming Big — students were given the following prompt:
“If you had the chance to tell teachers in America your best advice for reaching and teaching kids, what would you say??”

Here are their answers:
Please do not be strict.  Please do not give so much homework.  I would like at least 20 minutes of DEAR time every day. I think more classes should have buddies, truddies and groups.  I like having my water bottle at my desk at all times.

One thing that really helps me to learn is when the teacher draws pictures for the class of what we’re supposed to do.  I also think it’s helpful when the teacher goes from desk to desk helping us with our work.

If you shorten lunch and recess, you can learn more in class.  After school you could have homework club.

Move our desks closer to the teacher.  Speak louder.  Write bigger so we can read it.  Decorate our desks for us.  Decorate a fun project paper.

If I were a teacher in America, I would be a good teacher…… well maybe.  I would not take away recess, I would only call their moms and dads.  The school would be called Murph High School.  All the teachers would be nice there.

I think that teachers should make a very long reading time.  I think there should be no homework.  I also think that kids should start to do division early.  I think that kids could take home the classroom books.

It is hard for teachers to get to teach boys sometimes.  Maybe teachers should let boys get more exercise and fresh air.

You are perfectly fine just the way you are.

I recommend teaching with a white board. I recommend teaching with games.  I recommend teaching with books.

My advice to teachers in America is to teach math and have fun! I would like to do cursive writing.  An hour of Fun Friday Free Time every day.  I wish I could have gym every day.  Everybody should treat each other with respect.

I wish that teachers let students choose what they want for special and not teach math every day.  That we could have a half an hour and design our desk and chairs, our calendars, our cubbies and house, too.

I think when you teach it should be fun.  Say we were doing math. We could get some cards and see if we could find 7 of diamonds and 5 of hearts.  We could add them together and see if we could find the right amount of the two numbers. So maybe you could make our subjects a little fun.

I would say this.  I think that school should be fun.  I do not think teachers should be strict.  I also think teachers should have fun teaching.  Because if they did not then they would be cranky.  I think teachers should have a sense of humor.  It would be so much more fun.

I wish teachers would give us rewards when we do something so good.  Also I wish teachers would make school fun and educational.  Last I just wish teachers would let us sing in the morning.  I love to sing.

I think that the teachers of America should make activities more fun.  I also think that they should make the students learn more, keeping it fun of course. Also I think that teachers should give more reading time, still doing more learning of course. That is my advice to the teachers of America.

One thing I want to learn about in science is plants.

If I was a teacher and taught a kid, I would ask him if there were ten motorcycles and took five of them away what would you say?  If he said three, I would say good try, but guess again.  I would say to him it is five, just count with your hands. And he would get the answer.

I think teachers should have good classroom rules.  Good rules are rules like “treat others the way you want to be treated, do your personal best”.  Don’t copy because if you copy, you don’t learn anything except that you’re good at copying.

October 29, 2009

Personal Narratives: Isabelle and Jonathan


By Isabelle

I shivered. People’s candles were shrinking. The light was getting dim. I looked down at my candle at my candle. The orange wax was dripping down the sides. The tour guide talked for a while, and then I heard a scream!

We were on the Witch Trial Trail by a graveyard in Salem. It was a high-pitched scream. It only lasted about three seconds, but it stayed with me for a long time. My heart beat faster and faster. I almost felt like I wanted to cry, but the tour guide looked me in the eye and said “They are just practicing for Halloween”.

I took a deep breath. I felt a rush of warmth go through my body, and my mom hugged me tight.

My Flight on Southwest Airlines

By Jonathan

“Dad, that’s our plane on Southwest Airlines!” I said. A long time ago when I was nine, I flew from Baltimore to Providence on Southwest Airlines.

“We are going on the plane!” I said. I was getting ready to go down the tube where you get to the plane. I got on the plane and sat on the window seat at the back.

I looked out the window and saw the written on the wing. I saw the flaps moving as they tested them. I knew we would take off soon.

We taxied down the runway.

NOVEMBER 2, 2009

Barnstable County Fair

by: Aundria

“I can’t wait!” We are going!

“Yep!” said my sister.  “Come on, get in the car!” she said.

I heard it start to rain.  It sounded like hail falling from the sky.  “Boom, Boom!”

I was so happy, we got there and the rain stopped.

The ferris whell was the first ride we went on.  I felt my heart beat fast at the top.

We started to leave.  On the ride home I was thinking “Boy, that was fun!”

Getting Kaya

by Angelina N.

It was Christmas at 2:00 in the morning and I tiptoed down the stairs.  I wondered what would be down by the tree.  Then I saw this weird looking box.  I opened it very carefully.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!!!” I screamed “Huh, huh….” I breathed. It’s Kaya, the American Girl Doll.

Then my mom screamed and thought the house was burning down.   I said softly “Sorry” and she said sweetly that it was okay.

So I showed Kaya to my mom, dad (when he came down) and sister, who was grumpy that I woke her up.

Most people have little sisters, right??  Since I can’t have one, I wanted an American Girl Doll.  I played with kay and cared for her.

My Mom said madly “Aren’t you going to open any of your other presents??”

“Maybe” I said.

At the end of the day I put Kaya back in her box and went to bed.

And I still didn’t open any of my other presents!  Hee Hee!!

Winchester Speed Park

by Jackson

When I was going to Winchester Speed Park, my dad said that I looked so psyched that I was about to explode!

When we got there, we saw a ton of people coming down a hill with their dirt bikes to race on the track.

“Yikes, it was a big track!” I thought to myself.  My dad’s friend said that green flags meant no jumping or no passing.  It was the first dirtbike race I ever did in my life.

“Vrooooooom!” I heard dirt bikes.  “Wow, that is loud!” I said. A dirt bike was starting up and in a couple of seconds they were doing their practice.  “I am doing my practice soon, I should go get my gear on” I said.  When I got my gear on, I went to wheel my dirt bike up the hill.  Before I knew it, I was at the starting line.

I had to hold my breaks in, and rev my dirt bike engine.  As soon as I saw the sign, I took off……

November 5, 2009

My Adventure to Mexico

By Benjamin

I was on the plane ride for 6 hours!

Me and mom, and dad got off the plane. The ground was very hot, my feet were burning. I jumped in the pool. Me and dad went to the hotel. I went to bed. The next day I did a bellyflop in the pool and a cannon ball. I did games, played splash and played with my dad. After we got out of the pool, we played board games.

The next day my dad had to carry me to the magic show because my feet were still hot.

The magician picked me to go up on the stage. He told me to throw a pie at someone. It was made of water balloons. I threw the pie at my dad. It went flying through the air and I saw the pie go “SPLAT!: Everybody got soaked! The seats were wet and the clothes were all soaked. I was laughing “Ha Ha, you are soaked!”

The magician said “go in the big box”. The sword went in the box. I was nervous in there. Then he tried an axe. I thought “Woah, I might die!” I just popped out of the box. I changed my mind. I dared my dad to do it. “Noooot me!” said my dad.

Going to New Hampshire

By Carly

I was waiting and waiting and waiting. I finally saw the Welcome to New Hampshire sign through the foggy snow. It was nice and warm inside the car. I knew it would be freezing outside. I was extremely excited. I thought and knew I was going to have a great time.

The windshield wipers were going crazy “Swish, swish, squeak!”. I knew what happened, the snow made it squeak.

We were going to have a second Christmas. I thought about my present to my grandmother, then I said “Do you think Grandma will like my present?”

“Of course.” I heard my mom say.

Then we pulled up into the driveway. I hopped out before I even grabbed any of my stuff and I got a nice happy greeting from my grandmother. It was the best!

Day at the Pool

By Peter

Splash! I jumped into the pool (with my clothes on!). I got out and hopped to get my bathing suit on. I was a little embarrassed. We (Stephen, Sarah and me, Peter) got back in the pool. I bumped into a friend. I thought I bumped into my ball! I felt the cold water and felt the swirling water. We played with my ball. We did jumps until the bell clanged five times. “Bong, bong, bong, bong, bong!” went the bell. I felt tired. My dad called us in “It is getting late, come in!” I hope we have a lot of fun tomorrow!

Nancy’s House

By John

“I can’t wait!” I squealed. I was loading up my parents’ car for our trip to Brookfield in Western Massachusetts. It was a little… okay, BIG party for my grandfather. When we finished packing, we were off!

It took about two hours to get there! After we arrived at the hotel (we did not stay overnight), I ate a big lunch. It had all kinds of food!

After that I went to my Aunt Nancy’s house. I don’t remember the last time I saw her. I think it was around Kindergarten or preschool. I almost exploded with amazement when I saw her house. Her house had a hot tub, pool, swing and patio.

She had my mother’s guitar from when she was a kid. When I walked in, I saw a room with a hot tub in the right back corner. I also saw a chair, television, gas stove and a hallway straight ahead. I went through the hallway. I saw a room with a big flat screen TV. There were three doors on one side. The first door led to the upstairs. The second door had a closet and the third door was a kitchen and a washer and dryer.

But let’s just focus on a seed story…

“Wow!” I exclaimed. Aunt nancy had brought down the guitar. My sisters ran to get it. ‘Bing Bong Bing!” went the guitar. My sisters loved it. They tried to play songs, but I didn’t recognize them.

When it was my turn, I just played random strings. But then I made up a little tune with the three lowest strings. It went “Bong Bong Bing!” My sisters named it “The Cowboy Song”.

I think that we’re ready to be rock stars.

Playing With Friends at Moreland Park

By Nathaniel

I was overjoyed when I saw my friends again at Moreland Park. I always have so much fun with them. After we played Star Wars, the Clone Wars, we played soccer.

I was on my best friend Jack’s team. “Pass!!”, I hollered. I had the ball. I shot. “Bam!” I scored!! “Yessssss!” I whispered. I felt really good about getting the goal.

Going to Moreland Park will remain in my memory for a long time.

November 8, 2009

The Day I Went to Chris’s House

by Markus

When I went to Chris’s youse and stepped inside it smelled so good and everything was so neat.  We played XBox 360 and after we played XBox 360 we heard ice cream being hit on the counter.  We knew then we were about to have ice cream.  We ate that ice cream fast because we needed to get to BMX.  When we got there I felt so happy because I came in 1st place and Chris came in 2nd!!!

The Wild Ride

by Lawrence

When my brother said, “I hope you don’t get run over!!” I thought that a car was coming.  I was on a scooter and my brother pushed me down a long hill.  I was happy no car came.  But I wobbled and fell off when my scooter hit a rock.  i was bleeding from my knee to my foot.  I was crying hard and said “I will NEVER do that again!”

My brother picked me up and when he brought me in the house he gave me a gift.  I unwrapped the gift.  It was a bike.  I said “Thank you, now I won’t have to do that again!!”  He also gave me a bowl of candy.  I ate it and shared it with him because I didn’t want to bleed and get a cavity, too!

November 8, 2009

My First Flight

By Nicholas

When I got on the plane, there were so many people. We were almost the last people to get on the plane, and I thought it was so loud. I was flying on Jet Blue Airlines and it was my first flight ever. We were heading to Florida. We found our seats and sat down. I looked out the window and could see that the plane was white and blue and the wings were very big.

It was time to take off! I was really excited!! We started off really fast, and picked up speed so we could take off. Before I knew it, we were in the air. I do not like going up. My stomach will make me throw up. But, I did not throw up!!

I said to my dad “Are we going down?” We were not.

I said to my dad “Do you want to do my sticker book with me?”

He said “Okay.”

I had a great time because the plane was nice. We could eat and drink anything we wanted. The plane was white inside. “VROOOM!!” goes the plane. I said to my dad, “Dad are we going down now?”

We are getting off the plane. I heard the big door opening. I was thinking of what hotel we were going to…

The Scariest Day at the Horse Farm

By: Victoria

I finally get to go to the horse farm and I made my first friend!! Her name was Mia. She actually let me ride bareback on the biggest horse in the farm!! Mia got to ride with me. She was on the back and I was on the front. Mia told her horse to trot, but when the horse started to trot, it hurt because I was right on the horse’s neck bone. I tried to tell Mia but she was too busy steering, so I didn’t tell her.

All of a sudden I heard “Tippity tap, tippity tap”. That’s when I knew Mia told her horse to canter. That’s when I was really scared because I was probably going to fall off and that it was going to hurt even more since I was right on the horse’s neck bone.

What I did, was jump right off the horse! I thought to myself “Do I really want to do this???”

I knew I might get hurt if I jump but I might also get hurt if I fall off. I took my feet out of the stirrups, moved both legs over the side of the horse, and launched myself off. It was really fun, actually, until I hit the ground. I got knocked out!

When I woke up, I was at home in my bed. Everyone was asleep, so I went back to sleep, too. When I woke up the next day, I asked my mom if I had a bump or something.

She said “From what??”

I said “From the horse farm yesterday.”

My mom was really confused, because we didn’t go to the horse farm yesterday.

I found out that it was just a dream. But that’s a different story….

The Baseball Game

By Sean

One day, I went to a baseball game with my family. I was playing on the older kids team. I was getting to bat. I was so busy watching my friends I didn’t notice the pitcher threw the ball. I was about to swing but I realized the ball was coming. I swung the bat thinking I was going to hit it but I didn’t. Instead, the ball hit me in the face. I fell on the ground. My teammates came running to help me up. My friends pulled my arms and I got up. I brushed myself off and decided to play another pitch. On the very next pitch I swung the bat and it hit the fence. My friends told me to run, and I made it to second base. While stood on second base I was rubbing my nose. I hoped I would get to run to home plate. We won that game and I’ll always remember it.

Haunted House

By Christopher

One day I went to a haunted house with my mom and my dad. It was flashing green all over the place. When I got in the haunted house there was a guy standing right there next to the door. I was freaked out. I was screaming my lungs out. I was so scared!! Mom and Dad went crazy too. Then this scary girl came out, and I screamed louder. But then, she said it was going to be alright. So I started to cool off. Then when I got out of the haunted house I said to my mom and dad it was a piece of cake. Then I said to my mom and dad that I am never doing that again in my whole life!!

The Roller Coaster

By Lauren

When my dad, Lizzie and I went to the Barnstable County Fair…. I went on my very first roller coaster! In that roller coaster we were going very very fast!

My dad was scared of the drop parts and was yelling a lot! “What a scardy cat” I thought to myself.

It was faster than fast. I was yelling and screaming a lot because it was extremely fast! We were zig-zagging so much that I felt like I was going to fall off the roller coaster. Part of the time I let go of the bar! We were zooming all over the place and I felt like I was falling from the sky! The drop parts were very steep and scary!

I thought “Maybe I will fly off”. I tried not to look scared or sound scared but I accidentally let out a scream. “AHhhhhhhh!!!!” I couldn’t help it, but it made it easy to find out that I was scared….. a little.

It was fast, but short. In the end the ride stopped with a surprising hault! We waddled off to the ice cream stand.


By Angelina D.

I was so excited! I was going to Provincetown! I could not wait. I knew I was going to collect some sand, shells and rocks. We had been in the car for about an hour.

“We’re almost there.” My father said. I looked out the window and saw the huge sand dunes.

“Wow!” I cried. Before I knew it, we had spent a misty visit on the beach, and had a nice lunch at a restaurant. Before we headed home, we decided to climb the Pilgrim Monument. I looked up and saw the Monument standing big and tall. I soon had my coat on and was climbing the stairs. I soon was at the top. I looked down and quickly spotted our car, the beach and a big school.

Before it knew it, my mother told me it was time to head down. On the way down, I saw stones that told about towns that had donated money to build the monument. I saw Falmouth!

Quickly the time passed. We ended up at a candy store, and chose salt water taffy. I chose a peanut butter flavor. After we had bought the taffy, we each had a piece. I thought as the taffy stuck to my mouth. I had a lot of thoughts. I decided my favorite day was today!!

The Zip-Line Trip

By Ruby

One time I went zip lining. It was at the top of a mountain. It was a sunny day with a couple of clouds. I could see dark red, yellow and brown trees. I could hear laughing from the people on the other canopy tour. The air smelled good. We had just got off the chairlift. We did 7 zips. The one I remember the most was the second one. When we went to the second platform, the first instructor, Emma zipped to the next platform.

After the first person zipped to the other side, some people were walking on the trail below us. They asked if they could watch. The other instructor, Chris, said yes but they only stayed for about 30 seconds.

The first one to get stuck was a man named Yo. Emma had to attach an orange rope to the other platform, then she hooked her pully onto the line and held onto the rope. She lowered herself out. She told Yo to hang on to the orange rope. She pulled herself and Yo back in. Then after a while, the only people left on the 2nd platform were me, my mom, my dad, my brother, and Chris. My brother was next.

He got stuck. Oh no! I thought. “Oh brother” said my mom. Emma went out and retrieved him.

I was next. I was the lightest one. Everyone knew I’d get stuck. Chris said that if I caught the green rope, everyone would cheer for me. He asked if he could help. I nodded yes because I was afraid of getting stuck.

He attached me to the line. He held me up and said “One…. Two…. Three!!!!!” He gave me the biggest push ever.

“Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!” I yelled.

“Curl up in a ball!” he yelled. I curled up as much as I could I reached out to catch the green rope but I didn’t even need it. Every one was amazed.

Then, my mom and dad and Chris came one, by one. Luckily they didn’t get stuck.

Every time I think about zip-lining, I think about that time.

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  • Dear Third Grades,
    Awsome writing !!!!!!!!!!!!. Go third grade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fourth Grade Stundent,

  • Ms. Nicole:

    Hi guys!
    Your writing is amazing! Wow, keep it up! I miss you all so much, but your blog is a great way to see what you are all up to. I promise to visit soon, and I’ll be in for field day to root for my favorite 3rd graders! (you all can see my Harry Potter scar then too…It looks like Voldemort attacked my wrist!) I can’t wait to see what fun stuff you post next!

    See you soon!
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