Wish List

I often have parents ask what it is we need in the classroom.  Every year it seems to change.

This year? Hmmmmmm…..

Sharpened pencils (they never have to be new, just sharpened)

Pre-packaged snacks for our Snack Cabinet

Ziploc bags in all sizes

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Stylus tools for the iPads. The ones we have break SO easily.



Mancala (I’d like several of these so more than 2 kids can play) There is even a FOUR player version!  How cool!!! (Thank you, Trevor, for donating a game – and congratulations on beating me!!! )



Bananagrams (Thank you, Abigail, for donating such a fun game!)



In a Pickle

This is my Back-To-School Supply list, which might also be helpful to you :)

Supply List


Thank you!!!!

  • Isabelle:

    Hi Mrs.Brooks,

    I think that I could get some pencils from my house and sharpen them for you!!!!!

    • Suzy Brooks:

      That’d be awesome, Isabelle. We certainly go through a lot of them! We must be great writers!!

      Mrs. Brooks

  • Jake the snake:

    Hi Mrs. Brooks,

    I think I might be abell to bring in some pencils and stuff,I dont know Ill check with my parents.

    from jake

  • Jake the snake:


    I can , I can Mrs. Brooks I can Ill bring them in as fast as I can

    from the snake


  • Jake the snake:


    I dont know if Im behind on the wax Museum or not.Well I finished my ruff copy and Im Trying to memorise it,Oh and do you a place were I can get a fake whit beard

    see ya later

  • Suzy Brooks:

    Hi Jake!!

    If you have your rough copy written for your speech, then you are right on target. Then you’ll have time to memorize it :O).

    Thanks for the pencils – you know how quickly we go through them!!

    See you tomorrow, Jake the Snake,

    Mrs. Brooks

  • Leah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    Hi Mrs.Brooks

  • Leah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

    Hi Mrs .Brooks how do you change the smile face next to your name?

  • Bella Boo:

    Hi mrs.brooks!
    i am so excited for the wax meusuem
    i can hardly wait!!!

    Bella Boo

  • Isabelle:


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