What Can YOU do for Room 303????

What can YOU do for 303???


  • Room Parent: You will work alone (or with anyone else who is nice enough to volunteer) to call everyone when there is a need for party materials during the year. This will take place in Dec, Feb, March, and possibly once more again before our final one in June. You are welcome to be here for the festivities, but it is not necessary. I will communicate with you via email to help you out.
  • Read Naturally: One of our most “wanted” volunteers. You will be provided FREE training :) and will then work with students needing help with their fluency and comprehension. Students receiving regular assistance through this valuable program make significant progress during the course of the year. Don’t hesitate – sign up NOW!! Really. Right now – Miss Morris wants a list tonight.
  • Scholastic Book Stapler: You won’t be stapling books – you’ll be assembling book orders. Unstaple the booklets, attach my cover letter, and then re-staple everything to be handed out to each child. About once every 8 weeks or so – can be done at school if you want, but at home works, too! We provide the staples :) .
  • Classroom Photographer: I am great about taking pictures, and will occasionally post them on the blog. You will see them all at the end of the year. What I need is a parent who will take responsibility for photographing those memorable moments we all share AND then send those files to our Yearbook Staff. Before their deadline. Which will sneak up on you.
  • Ambulatory Care: I always seem to have a box of books needing repair. Either the cover has been removed, or they need to be bound together in some way. This is a new position, so make it your own! Try it at home, or at school, as you see fit. Let’s get these books back into circulation!
  • Mailbox Distributor: Again, this job is up for grabs anytime you stop by. If there is something to be delivered into each mailbox, go ahead and take on the challenge. Each mailbox is listed by name and by number, so choose your favorite!
  • Do you heart Field Trips? We take LOTS of them in third grade. Be SURE to fill out a CORI in the office, and also fill out the Driver Log sheet. We’ve had one parent sign up in the fall, but then another parent wants to drive in the spring. PLEASE don’t let this happen to you – sign up EVERYONE!!! You’ll be glad you did!
  • Copy Cat: If you are craving some time at the copy machine (next to the library), let me know and I will give you the pending jobs… Although I do 99% of copying myself, you never know when I might need a little help.
  • Computer Lab: Love our Lab? Volunteer for a quick 40 minutes on ______ from _____ to_____, where you will be asked to repeat directions, and answer the same questions several times as you get your exercise roaming the room.
  • Arts Alive! What a great program, and the students enjoy every minute of it. Training and materials are provided to help you teach our students about great art and artists. Let me know and I’ll pass your name along.
  • Just Put Me In The Classroom, Please: I know there are many parents who enjoy helping out in the classroom. While I cannot always promise that you will work with YOUR child specifically, I can promise that there is ALWAYS a child that needs help. Let me know your schedule, and we will figure out a time that you can volunteer that works for you and helps us, too!

Remember, all in-school volunteer positions require a current CORI.

Stop by the office and fill one out!




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