Parade of Pals

In our classroom, we have several important stuffed animals. The students have been spending time writing about each of them, and we will post updates here.

Lots of friends to read to!


Fred the Moose:

Mind Your Manners


Fred, our first friend, reminds us to use our manners… We have LOTS of moose books that we read and share, which make us think about him!!

Guess what? Guess what? Our friend Fred the moose has arrived in room 309! However, we were surprised to see that he doesn’t have good manners! It turned out that he taught us a lesson. how he taught us this lesson was our teacher sang us a song about Fred and his bad manners. The song reminded us if we didn’t use our table manners, many accidents could happen. Fred forgot his table manners so much that he ended up with jam on his antlers and milk on his fur! Fred has bad manners, it’s true; but he’s still a good friend to me and you! ~Lauren

Fred the moose is brown, heavy, cute and very cuddly. He is nice, he’s a boy, has two antlers and is fluffy. He is five years old, you can sleep with him. He is from Build-A-Bear Workshop, and has lots of friends. Fred has a tan coat on, workboots on his feet and two fingers on each hand. Fred has two arms. Fred is a cool moose. ~Victoria

Fred the moose is a great moose but he does not know how to use his manners. He has a jacket on and it says Fred. He also has pants and his little tail sticks out. ~Jacob

Fred is in our classroom because he reminds us of manners. Saying please and thank you is one way of showing our manners. I like having Fred in our class so I can stay on target and stay green. Fred is so cool. ~Nicholas

Fred tells us to use our manners. Like when Mrs. Brooks told us Fred’s song when he got juice stuck in his hair. Also, she read us “If You Give A Moose A Muffin” and that ties in with Fred. ~Angelina N.

I chose Fred, the moose. He is very messy. Our class needs to show him how not to be messy. We need to show him how not to be messy for two reasons. One helps just our class. We need to keep the room clean so the custodians do not have to pick up as much. The other reason is for Fred. We need to show him how to be clean. Fred is also cute. I like Fred, he is cool! ~Nathaniel

Fred the Moose is practicing his manners. Fred is a messy moose. He will be very good on his manners if he practices. He comes with a book called “if You Give A Moose A Muffin”, the book is great! He’s getting very well on his manners. ~Peter

Fred the moose teaches us about being good. ~Markus


Bea Tall the Giraffe:

Stick Your Neck Out


Bea Tall (who has a brother, Stan Tall) reminds us to stick our neck out and take a risk. Say Something by Peggy Moss is a great book about sticking your neck out for someone else.

I chose Bea, she helps us to stick our neck out and to believe in yourself and to control ourselves. She helps us think and stay focused ou our work and stay focused on the teacher or subject. ~ Sean


Erudite the Bear:

Reading is Thinking


Erudite means “to get smarter by reading”. Wild About Books by Judy Sierra talks about the love of reading we share in our room!

No friends have written about Erudite as of yet. You can check the definition in your dictionary to make a pretty good prediction, and the book that goes with Erudite is Wild About Books!


Liberty the Bear:

Love Your Country


Liberty is a representation of the patriotism we feel in our classroom. The Impossible Patriotism Project by Linda Skeers is a great book that talks about how to show one’s patriotism.

Liberty is a bear. She is in our classroom to teach us to be Patriotic. Patriotic means to love our country or to be proud of our country. Liberty means freedom, too. Liberty means that you should listen to the law or president (Mrs. Brooks or any teacher), not another person. The book that goes with it is “The Impossible Patriotism Project”. Liberty is also two years old and was gotten by Mrs. Brooks 4th year of teaching. Liberty is one of my favorite friends. ~John

Liberty is here to tell us we all work for our country. It’s been so long ago I can’t exactly remember. She is also to tell you that you can always do something. ~Angelina D.


Sagacious the Owl:

Think Before You Speak


Being sagacious means that you think before you speak, and that you make good decisions based on good judgement. Jamie Lee Curtis’ book, Is There Really a Human Race?, helps us to know that we don’t have to make decisions to “keep up” with others.

Sagacious thinks about everything in the world. He knows about math, too. Sagacious knows answers when he wants to think. ~Lawrence

Sagacious is very soft and fluffy. He is white and grey. He has a shirt that says Feelin’ Green and blue jeans. His claws are black. he is from Build-A-Bear Workshop. That is what describes Sagacious. ~Isabelle

I think Sagacious the Owl should be in our classroom to go with the Target Board and his shirt. He goes really good with his green shirt that says Feelin’ Green and that matches the target board. Sagacious the owl helps us to stay on target without getting a yellow, red or blue card. He helps us to stay on green. ~Jackson

Sagacious the Owl is cute because he’s cuddley and he’s soft.  When I got to hold him, it felt like I was holding a soft bunny in my hand.  He got to spin his head around, that is cool.  Also, I love you  Sagacious, that’s all I need to say.  Good night, friend!  ~Christopher.


Journey the Bunny:

Slow Down & Help Others On Their Journey


Anomalous the Chicken:

Celebrate Uniqueness

Anomalous arrived in our classroom to remind us that we are each unique and that should be celebrated! Chicken BIG by Keith Graves is a great book for illustrating that concept!


Eloise the Elephant:

Remember our History


Callista Gingrich’s book Sweet Land of Liberty was a great way to talk about our Nation’s history – and we thought the symbol of an elephant reminded us to never forget what we’ve learned. Because we knew this year our Pal would be a girl, the students voted on the name Eloise.


Coming soon: Our 2013 Pal!

  • brianna:

    Hi:) I like grace the best!!!!


  • Maisie:

    Dear Mrs. Brooks,
    I really, really miss all of the build-a-bears! I heard you telling one of our class mates that maybe after vacation you could bring them back? I REALLY hope you will! I miss Anomalous especially.

    See you tomorrow!

    Maisie :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • John:

    Hi Mrs. Brooks,
    This is John from your 2009 class, and I was looking around to see the new Pals!

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi John! Too funny – we always new ones! Mrs. Petisca just today gave me a whole sheet of Build-A-Bear stickers – what a sweet lady. Remember Grace – the bear she and Mrs. Medeiros gave me?

      I heard you created a wonderful project for the Science Fair??? Awesome!

      I’m so glad you stopped by – take care and say hello ANYTIME!!

      Love, Mrs. Brooks

  • Mia:

    I hope you bring in all those stuffed animals;P

  • Isabelle E.:

    Hi Ms. Brooks,

    I was just looking back through my computer favorites and I found a link to your blog. It brings back so many memories! I would love to stop by Mullen Hall sometime, maybe with Ruby, and we could come visit you. Hope you are having a great year!

    Isabelle E.
    (your 2009 third grade student)

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Isabelle!
      Thanks for swinging by and saying hi! I’d love to see you and Ruby anytime – feel free to stop in. Even better, feel free to stop in and help with my students, ha ha! Hope your school year is going well, i miss you!
      Mrs. Brooks

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