Learn from Louise

~Our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love~

My grandmother, Louise Huff was a well-known quilter in the state of Maine. She was one of my favorite people, and I learned many life lessons from her.

This is a bit of an activity page — take a look at the photos below, choose a block, and then answer 2-3 questions by submitting a comment at the bottom, or bringing your work to school…..

Now – choose a few questions to answer…

1.  Is this a 4-patch or a 9-patch?  Or, is it unique in some way? Explain.

2.  Draw this quilt block on paper using a pencil, a ruler, and crayons for color.

3.  Draw this block using a computer drawing program.

4.  Use pattern blocks to recreate this block (or part of it). Take a photo!

5.  Is this quilt symmetrical?  Why or why not?

6.  How is this quilt block different or similar from others you’ve seen?

7.  Describe how this quilt block makes you feel – and why!

8.  How many different shapes do you see?  Make a chart listing them.

9.  Explain why you think this quilt block is named the way it is.

10. Choose a different name for this block and tell why.

11. Estimate the number of stitches in this quilt.  Why?

12. How many different fabrics were used?  Describe them!

  • Isabella:

    Bear paw is symmetrical because now matter how you turn it it is the same!
    I think it took about one hundred stiches to make that square I figured it out by eastemated!!!


  • casey:

    I chose Honey bee! The question I chose was #11! My estimate is 150 stitches!!!!!!!!!! a lot huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyle:

    I chose bear paw and the question I chose was number #5 and the answer is yes it is symmetrical and it has 2 lines of symmetry

  • Kaitlynn:

    I choose crooked path.There are 2 different fabrics in the crooked path. The first fabric looks like it has blue and pink and tan pock a dots on it.

  • Grant:

    I chose “Bear Paws”

    I did quesiton 5.
    It is symmetrical, because it has a line of symmetry vertical down the middle,horazontal, and going diagnal. It has 4 lines of symmetry.

    I did quesiton 12 this time
    It has 3 different fabrics.The paws fabrics are light brown, the boxes around the paws are dark brown, and the lines outside the boxes are white with red and white flowers.

  • alden:

    I chose Bear paw I”m choosing answer 11. I think bear paw has 5,000nd stitches because if I”m right it is sermechiol so all the sides are even.

  • Ken:

    I liked monkey wrench. 5. monkey wrench is symmetrical because its goes virticly horiztil and diaganal.

    because it was symmetrical with squares triangles and rectangles with two lines of symmetry. 10.I would name it “sound radio “

  • Julian:

    5.Yes it is symmetrical because there is the same pattern on both sides and the same color.

  • Isabella:

    Bear Paws has 4 lines of simmytry they are vertical diagnal!!!

  • Grant:


  • Gabriel:

    Monkey wrench is symmetrical because on each of it’s sides they both look the same. And if you look at it any way it still stays the same. Monkey wrench might not be symmetrical because of the details in between the shapes. In the Monkey wrench the different shapes I saw was a square a triangle and a rectangle. The Monkey wrench has a lot of lines too. The other question I answered was question # eleven for the Fifty four and forty eight. I guessed that there was two thousand sixty seven stitches in it. Gabe

  • brianna:

    I liked card trick.It made feel happy because my grandpy plays cards with me and d tricks with the cards.

    11.My estimate of stitches is 100?

    8.I see 11 shapes in card trick.

  • Brody:

    I chose card trick.It is not sumetricule.It isent because all sides are not the same.

  • alexis:

    Dear Mrs. Brooks,

    The block I chose is the Ohio Star.
    The 2 questions I pick are question 5 and question 12.
    Question 5. My block is symmetrical because you can split it in half horizontly and sraight down the middle.
    Question 12. There are 4 diffrent fabrics the colors are blue,pink,flowers,and brown.


  • marissa:

    I love the one with the color with brown name monkey wrench that one is my favorite For question #8, I see three different shapes. They is a square,rectangle and triangle.by

  • liam:

    I HATED CATSLE WALL it was so,so hard. I chose castle wall ,it was so hard I switched to bear paw. I see five diffrent shapes they are:diamond,square,trapizoid,triangle and hexigon those were he awesome shapes!! I think it is symmetrical because if you cut it into four squares each square would all the same shapes as the other squares.

  • leah:

    I chose Flying Geese!And I listed the shapes in my square
    Listed Below


    There are 4 lines of symitry in my quilt square.

    I think there are 200 stitches in my shape.Because there is so many pieces of fabric in my shape and it takes a lot of stitches to stitch them together.

    I think the name should be Flying Bird because it is not so spasifect as Flying Geese.Because Flying Geese is so there on the spot while Flying Bird can be any bird.

  • Jaden:

    dear mrs.brooks

    I choosed jacobs ladder

    jacobs ladder looks like a star ladder

  • Grace:

    Dear Mrs.Brooks
    I choose Pinwheels
    5. Pinwheels has 2 lines of symmetry(Which is up and down because there can’t be accross lines)

  • colin:

    I chose bear paw.
    11. I estimate that there are 100 stitches.

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