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September, 2014:

This fall, Mrs. Brooks went from being a 3rd Grade Teacher to being a 4th Grade Teacher! Soon, this page will be updated with information about life in our FOURTH GRADE classroom! Stay tuned!!!


We are participating for the very first time in the EduBlogs Student Blogging Challenge.  We’re going to start later this morning in our classroom by working together to compose this page.  In the meantime, this is a photograph of us during our Taxation Without Representation simulation last week.  Queen Suzy taxed us so much, and most of us didn’t have any chairs to sit on!!

We are a class of 23 third graders. We are all age 8 or 9, and there are a total of about 85 students in our grade, with 4 teachers.  Our classroom overlooks a beautiful pond, and we really care about the animals and birds that live there, so we try to help keep it clean.  The name of our school is Mullen-Hall, it has about 500 K-4 students and it is a very large, beautiful building that was remodeled from two smaller buildings about 9 years ago.  The students that attend our school are from many different backgrounds and cultures, so it is a nice mix here. You are visiting our classroom blog, but each of our students now have his or her own individual blog, where we are learning to create our own posts.

There are many things we enjoy doing at school.  We REALLY enjoy Fun Friday Free Time.  If our work is done, and our behavior is on target, we get to play in the classroom for the last 30 minutes of every Friday.  Everyone looks forward to it.  Some weeks we earn more minutes because of good class behavior, and sometimes we lose minutes because we’re too chatty.  Our class is filled with students who love to read!  We are working on all kinds of reading strategies and we also enjoy when Mrs. Brooks reads to us – we just finished reading Dewey the Library Cat and we loved it!

Mrs. Brooks allows us to eat snack in the classroom at any time, as long as it is not a distraction to her, ourselves or others.  It’s nice being able to eat when you are hungry.  Our teacher Mrs. Brooks is pretty handy with technology, so we’re learning lots. She won the Pathfinder Award this year, and we were very proud. We have a SMARTBoard in our classroom, and we are all allowed to use it when we have lessons on it.  We’re VERY respectful and talented when it comes to using the SMARTBoard.We have some other pieces of technology in the classroom that we also use from time to time, like our desktop computers and our Bamboo tablet.

On the windowsills in our room, you might see that we have 30 jars of sand – it is Mrs. Brooks’ Beach Museum.  Students bring in sand from all over the world, and she puts it on display so we can see the differences in how the sand looks.  She also has a collection of Build-A-Bear stuffed animals, which represent a lot of the values we have here in school. A new stuffed animal arrives in the classroom each year. You can learn more about them and see them on the Parade of Pals page on the right.

That’s about it for today – I’m sure we will add more information as we participate in this blogging challenge. Can’t wait to visit other blogs, and to share comments with everyone!!

  • Dear Third Graders,
    A big hello from the town of Comox on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I was thrilled to check out your class blog this afternoon.
    I teach a grade 3 class here in Comox. There are 22 hard-working students in my class, all of whom enjoy most school activities/lessons but particularly those that involve technology.
    Our school has approximately 370 students from kindergarten to grade seven. We also have a program called Strongstart where parents can bring their children ages 6 months to 4 years old.
    Our schools are not in session for the next few days but I am sure if I could ask my grade 3 students what they enjoy about school they would answer PE, any computer work particularly working with their grade 6/7 computer buddies, and Science.
    We have just completed a unit on Structures and Building in Science that was lots of fun. The students enjoyed completing a mini research project on a topic of their choice, where they demonstrated their knowledge of non-fiction text features.
    When we are back in school, I will be sure to send my students to see your blog and make contact with you.
    Keep on blogging.
    Ms. Bulger

  • 4S:

    Hello Mrs. Brooks and students. We are The Knights of the Ross Table and we appreciate your comments on our blog. It was interesting to learn about the differences between our day and yours. Here is some more information about us.

    We go to school at 8 o’clock, and leave at 3:05. For lunch we eat different food than you. We have Korean and western food on two menus. We also have a big salad bar and three juice machines.

    We have after school activities which are soccer, basketball, art, clay, chess, martial arts, quilting, music and many more.Sometimes we have special weeks. Spiritual Emphasis Week is really fun, plus we have a sleepover for Reading Challenge.

    We study interesting things such as ancient civilizations, freedom, magnetism, customs, as well as art, music, chapel and the usual school subjects.

    Thanks again for telling us about you.


    The Knights

  • Just wOw :)

    A complete program in a busy day for a cool class.


  • Hello Third Graders. I teach a group of second graders in Monroe, North Carolina, USA. We enjoy blogging and learning from others. Your post is very interesting when I found it on the blog challenge list. I will be sharing some of the post with my students this week then we will go on spring break. Sounds like you enjoy using technology. We like to Skype with others and blog. We have several different blog sites. One is our class blog– http://brendatodd.edublogs.org, another is a blog we do with students in England at kidblog GlobalView and our project one with Flat Friends at http://flat-stanley-adventures.posterous.com/
    The kidblog one the students make post themselves. The others they help the teacher compose what to say and I type it.
    There are 19 7 and 8 year olds in our class. We are a diverse class of students having students whose families come from many places.
    We will add you to our blog roll.

  • Colleen Johnson:

    Hello third grade – I am a teacher of 20 third graders in Nome, Alaska. I enjoyed reading your blog very much. You have inspired me with all of the exciting ideas from your class! Keep up the great work!

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Colleen!

      Thanks for saying hello!! Our reading program had us reading about Nome, and so we spent time earlier this year looking it on Google Earth, and reading about the oil/fuel tanker making its way there. My students were SO interested in all we read! They will be very excited to see your post when I show them tomorrow morning. We’d love to know more about your class and your school if you’d like to share!

      Hope to hear from you soon,
      Mrs. Brooks and her Spring-Fevered third graders

      • Colleen Johnson:

        Our class would be happy to exchange information with your class that is located on the other side of the country! I was wondering if you have the ability to have a skype session? It would be fun to ask questions live if you have the time. We would also be happy to answer via email or even this blog. We are busy testing this week.

        The ice breaker and oil tanker delivery were history makers and added a lot excitement to our long winter. We are gearing up for a modern day gold rush this summer after the Discovery TV show – “Bering Sea Gold.” What story did you read about Nome?

        This morning we watched the video, “Perimeter.” Everyone enjoyed it and gave it a thumbs up.

  • Grampa 8 (Grant):

    Hey Mrs. B Grant here first off WOW!!!! You have upgraded the blog A LOT since I was in your class. Your class looks so cute and smart, not as cute and smart as the year I was there, JK. I also saw the blogoversary thing, how old will it be. P.S Can you show your class this and write back. Hope to talk to you later. :)

  • Grampa 8 (Grant):

    Hi me again I was reading Colleen comment and couldn’t stand to wait for your reply, I’ll be really happy to do skype if i’m ever home sick or something P.S I want less home work so much in 5th grade :(

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi There Grant!

      Thanks for your comments and your kind words – the blog has grown a ton each year – it was even big when you were in my class all those years ago…. What are you now, like 92?? Kidding. I will be sure to share your comments with my class this year and you’re right – they are cute and smart!! Sorry to hear there is a lot of homework in 5th grade – hopefully you’ll get used to it soon. Have a wonderful year and thanks again for leaving a comment!

      Mrs. Brooks

  • Grampa 8 (Grant):

    You finally got back to me, the 2 days I forget to check to:). Yay I always wanted to be a kid who used to be in your class and talking to the new one. I don’t know if you guys get the Inside Scoop but I got ecepted into it double :) :) . It’s because of your good teaching in writing and ELA. Thanks.


    P.S. Sorry if I misspelled ecepted, also I want to know who’s the young number 8 See ya

  • Suzy Brooks:

    Hi Grampa Grant!!

    I’m always excited when the Scoop is delivered to Mullen-Hall, and I LOVE reading my former students’ writing. Congratulations on your first article and more congratulations on your second one, too! Can’t wait to read it! You are all writers, all we do as teachers is encourage you and help you target your skills. SO PROUD!!

    I’m not worried about how you spelled ACCEPTED – you’ll get there, my friend, I have NO worries at all!

    Lots of love!
    Mrs. Brooks

    Number 8 every year is amazingly wonderful, you must know that, Grampa!

  • Grampa 8 (Grant):

    Hooray, you’ll be reading my article. Here’s a little inside info. of it, it’s about my grand father and how he was one of the few survivors of the Vietnam war. Maybe later in the year you could show and teach your kids about the bad war

    Keep in touch

    P.S. WHO’S the newer and younger 8.

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Thanks for the behind-the-scenes info, Grant – I’ll be sure to share the info with the cuties in my class.

      You know I can’t tell you who Number Eight is! That’s why we use numbers, silly!! I’ll just say that it is one of my wonderful students. If you stop by MH, I’ll be able to tell you in person.

      Take care, Grampa!

      Your Biggest Fan

  • Grampa 8 (Grant):

    OHHHHHHH I forgot, oopsies, I hope I’ll be able to stop by and see number 8 in person sometime this year. I’ve been checking out the blog now and it still has one of my favorite and addictive games, Rotate and Roll 1. It’s still SUPER fun and I like the new games too.

    Cya l8er
    P.S. I’m going into texting words
    P.P.S. You’re welcome for the article

  • Suzy Brooks:

    Hi Grant!

    I remember how much the kids in your class loved the rotate and roll game – I like playing, too!

    I finally have texting on my phone, but I’m not very good at it. I’m very slow and I haven’t caught on to using all the shortcuts. :)

    C U L8er, yourself!
    Mrs. Brooks

  • Grampa 8 (Grant):

    Hey Mrs. B.
    You have finally become one with the texter (bow).
    On Rotate and roll I have only 2 more levels to do, horray, by any chance have any of your kids finished it? I can’t figure it out, I’m lucky I had my brother to help me on like, 10 of them.

    Keep in touch,

  • Suzy Brooks:

    You just made me completely crack up out loud. My texting skills have a ways to go, but you have given me hope. Now? I AM one with Rotate and Roll – I love that game! My favorite game on the iPad is Magic Piano – I’m playing that a lot, and it makes me feel like I (almost) can play the piano!

    Have a great week in school!
    Mrs. Brooks

  • Grampa 8 (Grant):

    Ehh, you know me modivaional, well don’t have much to say bye.

  • Grampa 8:

    Hey Mrs. Brooks, found something to talk about,it’s homework,I have to find a veteran for the holiday and thank them. When I heard that I thought of Mrs. Benton, the Art teacher, all I need to know is what was her first name. I can’t remember. Get back soon.

    Grampa 8

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hey there Grant. Mrs. Benton’s first name is Lysa – you can email her, or write her a message here, and I’ll send her the link – so you can thank her yourself! I think it is so important to thank our veterans. Nice job!

      Mrs. Brooks

  • Grampa 8:

    Thank her for me. Forgot to say that,bye. -Grampa 8

  • Grampa 8:

    Mrs. B, I’m not trying to be braggy,but I beat a few of your games just now, Sleep Walk, Full Moon, and Me and Key. So I won’t tell them the answers, but if you overhear any of your kids can’t beat a level of one of those, I’m the boy to see

    Get back soon,
    Grampa 8

  • Suzy Brooks:

    Hey Gramps,

    Braggy? You? Never ;) . Glad to hear you are honing your gaming skills on a site that is good for your brain. I’ll encourage my students to see if they can meet the challenge on those games, but in the meantime, enjoy your time at the top!

    Hope you and your family have a fabulous Thanksgiving break!

    Mrs. B.

  • Grampa 8:

    Hey Mrs. B,

    I’ve just got back to you(homework) and I can’t believe you skyped someone from ALASKA!!!! That’s like, 5 more levels of technology on the charts for your skills, you were already at like level, about 1,000,000,000,000 and beyond, maybe you could see if any of your students can say that number , (because I can’t) isn’t it like a zillion or something. Hope to here more about your wondurful class. Post some things about what you and your class did over Christmas break.
    Keep in touch, Grant

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Heya Grant!

      Your post cracked me up. I think I’d have to Google that number to be sure, before I say it aloud, ha ha.

      Skyping with our Alaska friends was super fun – you would have enjoyed it, I’m sure. The technology didn’t work perfectly, but we were flexible, and powered through. I can’t wait to do it again!!

      I hope you have a fabulous holiday with your family, and as always, I look forward to your blog visits!!

      Mrs. Brooks

  • Grampa 8:

    Hey Mrs B,

    I saw in the paper about Mr. Costa’s death, I’m so sorry, I remember so well, he was nice and kind, and cleaned very well. Well, nothing really planned for the holidays, hope you, Kendall, and Carson have a good holiday. I also read about Camp-Read-A-Lot, what luck you guys get to have it right before Christmas break.

    Talk to u later, Grampa
    P.S. Who are the two build a bear friends I’ve missed? Hope they’re awesome like the ones we had before.

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