How to Keep a Wave Upon the Sand

This past week, I watched the live broadcast of one of my favorite childhood movies, The Sound of Music. A line from one song stood out to me – “How do you keep a wave upon the sand?” The struggle I envisioned really struck a chord in me. Imagine how difficult that would be to do? How frustrating? How exhausting?   There is a certain comfort in routine and all that is familiar. A wave represents change, constant motion, moving forward… A certain part of me would love to stop time and keep change from happening. Sometimes change can be scary, and moving forward can be even more so when the future is unknown.


We have begun Term Two in 3rd Grade. I can’t overstate how important that change is.  While there will still be familiar structures and routines in place in our classroom, the work our children will face will be more challenging and faster paced. Students will be expected to demonstrate independence, take on challenges, support each other, and become more aware of what they need to improve.  Assignments will be more rigorous, and now that we have a solid picture of what our students are capable of, the expectations will increase as well.  When students are reaching just beyond their current abilities, in an environment where they feel supported and encouraged, they experience growth.

Please be sure your child maintains 20 minutes of reading each night, along with 5 minutes of math fact practice. Their additional homework should take no longer than 20 minutes a night. MOST importantly, please be sure your child is in bed early, and has a healthy breakfast each morning, and energy-sustaining food at school each day. They will be working hard, and we want to set them up for success.

As I move forward into a winter of unknowns myself, I feel thankful to  have the support of the Mullen-Hall community. Thank you for your kindness.

RemindersConferences are this Tuesday. Each slot is 20 only minutes. Please come 15 minutes early to look through your child’s work before our appointment. Thanks!
Snow clothes are essential for students on days when the playground is snowbound. Students should help you by preparing their clothes the night before. Work together! :)

December 9

Video of the Week

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