Multiplying Marvels

I’m really old, but yet I can still remember learning my multiplication tables when I was in 3rd grade. Mrs. Lynch would have us listen to each times table as a song on her record player, and I could sing you those songs still today.  Combine her strategy with having us practice with flash cards, and needless to say, I memorized all of my facts by years’ end.

I carry some of that tradition to my own classroom, and I hope it is effective.  Students have been listening to and watching the Schoolhouse Rock! videos for each of the times tables through ten. Some tunes are catchier than others, but they are all cute. I can sing those, too, ha ha.

We continue to progress through our quizzes. We have a specific routine for quizzing that I learned from working with Laura Candler and her book Mastering Math Facts: Multiplication and Division. We are working as a team to conquer the 0-10’s tables this year, and so far, we have all mastered 0-2.

Last year, I videotaped our routine to share with families at home.  Miss Sally (my mom) was nice enough to run the camera while we went about our business.  You can check out the video here:

To practice, students can be using flash cards, online games, oral practice, or our XtraMath program online.  In fact, many of the same programs we use in the computer lab and on iPads can also be accessed while at home (ScootPad, Sumdog, XtraMath, etc…)

Five minutes per night is really all it takes – but just imagine how much progress can be made if each student practiced for 10 minutes per night!!

I sent home a request for drivers last week for our upcoming field trip on the 7th.  We need seats for 16 students, and at this point, we don’t have any space at all.  If you are able to drive, please send me a note to let me know.  Thank you!!
Book Talks started this past Friday and WOW – they were terrific!!  Congrats to our first brave friends, and we can’t wait to see the rest of our upcoming performances.
Stand Tall,

  • Kayla R.:

    Hi! I noticed in your video that you used a sheet inside your sheet protectors for the students to complete the test. I didn’t see a sheet like you described in the video in Laura’s book. What did you use?


    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Kayla!
      Thanks for stopping by our blog. The older version of Laura’s book didn’t have the paper, but the new version does, I believe. It makes filling things out before the quizzes so much easier :) . Have a great day!!
      Take care,