Snow Day??

As I sit here watching news updates, I have my fingers crossed that we DON’T have a snow day tomorrow.  Being out for a week with the flu has left me missing my  students like crazy,  and I certainly don’t need another day off tomorrow.

So, I’ve spent some time searching the Internet for some snow-day-related websites. Seems they run the gamut from fun to….. even more fun!

I started off by visiting a snow-day -calculator which my friend Kara shared with me.  I plugged in our Falmouth zip code, and voila!  The calculator said that there is a 71% chance of a snow day in Falmouth tomorrow.  I also noticed it spiked to 80% when I checked my own zip code.  Uh-oh!

I then visited, where it is ALWAYS snowing.  I created a unique snowflake, and made a wish for no snow day tomorrow.  Seems that there were lots of snowflakes with snow-day-wishes, so I’m not sure if mine will work.

There were plenty of sites listing suggestions for students to ward off school.  So perhaps some of my students are wearing their pj’s inside-out and backwards, or sleeping with spoons under their pillows.  They might have flushed some ice cubes, or yelled “snow day!” into the freezer.  They might succeed, we’ll have to see.

In the meantime, I’ve started some anti-snow-day rituals of my own.  I’m channeling warm-thoughts and  hoping these will work.  I’ve turned all of my lamps on for warmth, put little tropical umbrellas in our chocolate milk, and am wearing my flip-flops to bed.   Hopefully, putting my beach chairs back in the mini-van will tip the scales, and I will be reunited with my snowless-day-sweeties tomorrow!!  Shine on!!

I am sending home a request for drivers for an upcoming trip to the Cotuit Art Center. If you are CORIed and available, be sure to let me know.  Thanks!

I’ll be sending home a book order at some point this week.  Seems the flu put a few things off, and Scholastic was one of them.
Thank You & Dream Big!