Long Weeks Ahead

I am glad that we can soon put these short weeks behind us. As much as I enjoy the long weekends and vacations, the shorter weeks are a challenge when it comes to squeezing everything in. The upcoming months represent a significant amount of learning at school. Students at this point know what is expected of them, and should be very focused on their work.
In Science, we have been exploring the Solar System. Everyone has been excited to learn more about the planets, the moon phases, and how our Earth is part of a much bigger world!
As readers, we are working on comprehension skills & strategies to better understand what we are reading. The very important skills of questioning, visualizing, connecting, predicting, synthesizing and making inferences are all weaving their way into our reading.
In Math, we are working on our first unit on Multiplication and Division. When we meet these topics again, it will be to tackle double-digit problems. Tricky stuff!! We are working hard to learn all of our multiplication facts from 0-10.  Not easy!!!
In Social Studies, we are continuing our journey through Massachusetts history and will soon learn more about the Puritans. We will use digital video from DiscoveryStreaming to enhance the lessons found in our textbooks.
As you can see, your children have a wide range of lessons to explore each day. Your continued message at home about the importance of Best Effort is very much appreciated.

Book Talk paperwork came home last week. Be sure to sign the paperwork and return it to school, as all students are responsible for presenting book talks.  One night of homework per week will now be dedicated to Book Talk preparation. Students should write a detailed summary of what he or she did to prepare that particular evening.

Dream Big!!