A Year, Anew

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think getting back into the swing of things after a vacation is sometimes tricky! So, here goes!

View from our classroom...

After having a little snow over vacation, I was reminded of our outdoor recess rules at school.  My own children were never able to play in the snow at recess, so I love the flexibility of our Mullen-Hall rules. Your kids are so lucky!!

If your child is wearing snow boots, snow pants, and gloves/mittens, they are able to roll around in the snow like cute little snowballs.  Snow forts and snow people materialize on our front lawn every day after a snowstorm.

If your child is wearing gloves and snow boots, but are not wearing snow pants, they are still allowed to walk in the snow, but cannot sit, slide, kneel, etc….
Students who are not wearing snow clothes must stay on the paved areas during outdoor recess.  Please be sure they are dressed warmly, as the wind whips across school grounds in a crazy, chilly way!!

As a third grade team, we feel it is so important to get students outdoors every day.  The fresh air and exercise do us all a world of good, and help to make our afternoons more effective for learning.

Of course, don’t forget this friendly reminder: Students are not allowed to throw snow, or to eat it, any day…. no matter what they are wearing.

Happy Winter to all of my wonderful third graders and their families! See you on the snow pile!!!

Thank you for the snack donations that have come into the classroom. If your child forgets to bring a snack to school, they are allowed to borrow one from our basket. Students are reminded that they are NOT allowed to share or swap snacks.  Additionally, their snacks must not be a distraction to themselves or those around them.  Snacks are a way to fuel our day, and should be good choices for that purpose.

Smile Wide,