Camp Read-A-Lot

I can almost feel the electricity in the classroom, as we enter the holiday season!  We could heat the building on excitement alone!

Coming up is Camp Read A Lot!  We will plan on Friday, December 21 as our target date.  That day, students are welcome to wear (or bring) their pajamas, as well as a blanket and a pillow. Add to the list a favorite stuffed animal and a flashlight if you’d like.  We will read the day away and squeeze in some singing, fun and camp crafts.

Also — A sneak preview for all of you – after the holidays, we can look forward to some Math Fact Fluency work, and Book Talks!  Third grade is the perfect time to memorize those pesky multiplication tables, and we also work hard at public speaking. Neither one is easy for anyone – so we try hard to make each of them more manageable for our students!


Keep your eyes peeled for supporting materials, coming soon to a backpack near you!!   I will be looking for volunteers as perhaps some supply donations. I will send home a list later this week. Thank you in advance!

:) Parent-Teacher Conferences are tomorrow, scheduled in 20-minute increments with no break in between appointments.  Please do your best to be on time, and know that I’ll be watching the clock to keep us each at 20 minute chats.  Thanks so much!
:) Did you ask your child about our Skype session with our friends in Nome, Alaska? It was fabulous, and your children were SO well behaved and prepared to talk to their new buddies.

Dream Big,