Technical Glitch or Technical Gift?

I spent most of this weekend waiting for our classroom blog to come back online.  So much of my regular routine involves writing a weekly newsletter, and then posting it on our classroom blog.  With the blog down, I was a bit of a lost soul.  A bit?  Oh, lets’s face it: I was completely thrown off-kilter!

Without our website, what would I write about? What would I share?  Even as I sit typing this newsletter late Sunday night, I am suffering from a case of Writers’ Block.

So, what does a girl do, when her website is down, and there’s no updating to be done?  While my first inclination was to keep checking and checking and checking (which I admittedly did for a while), I did step away from the computer for a while this weekend.

There’s something to be said for taking a long walk to the beach, or decorating for the holidays, or going to the movies with your friend and family, or taking your kids on a Mystery Ride, or cooking a few nice dinners.  Not that I don’t normally do those things – but hardly all in one weekend ;) .

So, this weekend I was more like the Old Mrs. Brooks (who of course isn’t Old) who found more time away from the computer, and lived to tell about it.  That doesn’t mean that I didn’t spend time searching for ideas, planning lessons, playing computer games or emailing folks – because I did.  But, knowing our website was down allowed me to put off some of the responsibility, and enjoy the time until Sunday night.

Sounds crazy, but it seems to me I can find a bit more balance in life, without falling off the balance beam, so to speak.  So, this newsletter might be on the blog, or it might not be. I think I’ve survived either way. :)


* Thank you for the cranberry donations – we had a super day celebrating all things related to Massachusetts’ native berry.
* This week is the Scholastic Book Fair, to benefit our PTO. Students will be able to preview the sale tomorrow, and create a wish list.  Students can bring money with them to shop at school, or you can bring your child during the extended hours.
*I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  A full week of school = a normal homework week.  There’s a certain comfort to be found in predictable routines.

Smile Wide,

  • Leah G.:

    Hey Mrs. Brooks,
    How is 3rd greade going? 5th grade for me is going great! My teacher is Mrs. Falcone. She is super awesome but not as awesome as you! :) I miss 3rd grade so much with all the kids in the class :) . Hope to see you soon.

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Leah!

      Things are going very well this year! Amazing how fast time flies – 5th grade!!?? I’m so glad you stopped by to say hello. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying a great weekend! Did you go to the parade today? We don’t go very often (we don’t live in Falmouth) but I’ve seen lots of pictures online and it looked like a great day. Thanks for your visit, and I hope to see you at some point soon!
      Mrs. Brooks