Perpetually Thankful

A short week calls for a short newsletter!  Tomorrow is Cranberry Day! Yippee!! Thank you to all the folks who sent in donations to help make our day one filled with fun & learning.

This weekend, I wrote two articles on our blog – one is about the effect I’m seeing when the iPads come into the classroom.  In my presentations at recent conferences, I’ve been calling it The iPad Effect, and the list is growing….

I also have been adding to our iPaddling pages, where you’ll see the ways we’ve been putting our new technology to use.

No official homework tonight – but I’m telling students that they should help out around the house in the next few days in preparation for the holiday weekend. Whether that means cleaning, cooking, child care or completely staying out of the way, I hope 204 friends are all cooperative in that regard :) .

Enjoy the long weekend with your families, and rest up for a learning-filled December!!

Dream Big!

PS: Donations for our Hurricane Sandy collection are due on Tuesday.   Send ‘em in, and we’ll ship them off!  Thank you!!!