Making Connections

We are working hard as readers here in Room 204.  Our Essential Question this year in reading is: How can we best connect with what we are reading?  To answer that question, we are doing many things…
We are choosing “just-right” books – ones that are at our independent reading level and help us advance in our Reading Journey.  We spend time Reading to Self every day.
While early in the year, we may choose books in genres we are familiar with – as the year progresses, we will expand our choices to include other subject matter.  Ideally, each student will read books in several different genres spanning from historical fiction to science fiction, expository text to tall tales.
To help us connect with the books we are reading, we use our reading journals.  We write about the predictions we make, the pictures we visualize, the things we notice about the characters, the progression of the plot, or the changes we would make if we were the author. We also use these journals to practice skills and strategies relating to reading comprehension, text awareness, fluency and vocabulary development.
Students understand and enjoy books more when they connect with what they are reading.  We hope to make more “electric connections” with each turn of the page this year.

Stay Tuned!!
It looks like we will have to cancel our trip to the farm on Friday.  We are still in need of drivers to transport a total of 10 children. I will make the final decision tomorrow.

Tomorrow is an early-release day. Please let me know if there are any changes in dismissal plans!

Smile Wide,