Oh, October!

Seems the Camera is faster than the Keyboard. I’ve accumulated more-than-several photographs which tell a story….. While that story is a bit off-topic, and then…. even MORE off-topic, it is still harmonious to me.

And if I see it as harmonious, it’s worth blogging about… so here goes!


Last Friday, a rainy afternoon, we found ourselves back in the new school garden.  Miss Amanda (Riley’s mom) led us through a fun scavenger hunt, as well as planting some leafy veggies.  Bok Choy, spinach, kale and cabbage were all carefully planted by my third graders (and some even mentioned this was their first gardening experience!!)

Our parent-led garden offers a wonderful new view, and learning opportunity for our students.

Wish I had raised beds at home!! Don't you??

Salad, anyone??

Wish the scarecrows could scare away the Canadian Geese!!! RAWWWRRRR!!!!!

*LOVE* that the scavenger hunt included counting the number of pavers used in our new garden... Counting is a tricky skill!! ;)

Fun Friday is alive and well in Room 204….  “Mrs. Brooks, will you take a picture of this??” Whether said picture is of a unique elasticized-geoboard design, or a stack of cups, or a pattern-block sculpture, my photography skills are always being called into service.

I think it's time to bring my Cup Stacking game into school...

Flash forward to Science… Introducing…. The Scientific Method!

We learned more about the steps in the Scientific Method by trying to figure out how many drops of water would fit on a penny.  Surface Tension, brought to life!

And now??   A moment of peace…

Driving along the Cape Cod Canal, a patch of fog caught my eye, and I had to stop and capture it on "film".

And back…. to science!!!  Chromatography, anyone??

What colors are hiding in magic markers?

What's your hypothesis?

Whew!  The rest of our October fun is posted in our new iPaddling page – feel free to check it out HERE!!!

  • Cecilia:

    Hi Mrs.Brooks’
    I loved working in the garden with you. Can we please do it again? If we do I want to help plant. Your friend