On Shaky Ground

So, I was just sitting here, when my whole house started trembling!  The lamps, ceiling fans, dishes and plants all started shaking….

Immediately, Mr. Brooks ran outdoors and of course, I went to my social media channels – asking if anyone else had felt it.  To my surprise, I found that folks all over New England experienced the same eerie feeling.  I Tweeted about it and it was only a matter of minutes before my friend Dan Callahan sent me a link to read more about it.  Click my silly pic to read more:

The epicenter was in York County, Maine – a 4.6 magnitude.  The largest quake in the past 100 years in Maine was in 1904 and it was a 5.1.  Located only 5K below surface of the earth, this was considered a “shallow” quake, which explains why we felt it so far south.  30,000 of these “light quakes” occur each year.  In fact, there were a couple of dozen earthquakes worldwide today alone! Who knew??

I can only imagine the excitement my students will exhibit tomorrow morning when we talk about it at school.  I can’t even fathom what it is like for those who live in areas where earthquakes are frightening and destructive.  We are very fortunate, in that we were able to experience the power of nature without any danger involved.  I know the rumbling noise, the shaking dishes, and 3 out of the 4 of us looking at each other like we might be crazy, makes for an incredible memory.

Too bad my Carson missed it all, because he was playing X-Box in the basement.  ;)

  • samuel:

    I go to Walker school and I go to GALAcTIC (for very smart kids, or so I think.) and win I was in 2nd or 3ed grade, GALACTIC had a class that we got to stady earthquakes and most earthqaukes are just 1.0-3.0 and you don’t fell those. Do you know alot about earthqaukes?

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Samuel!

      Thanks for stopping by our blog, and it sounds like your GALACTIC class must be fabulous! We didn’t know very much about earthquakes before the other day – but now that we’ve done a bit more reading, we’ve learned more. We were surprised to learn how many earthquakes occur around the world each day. You are right, some are so deep in the ground, or so small in scale, that most people cannot feel them happening. We certainly felt this one – it was crazy!

      Again, thank you for saying hello, and we hope you have a a wonderful school year!
      Dream Big,
      Mrs. Brooks and her Third Graders

  • We love your blog. You have a lot of posts with interesting information on them. We read about your homework, your behavior plan, and we visited some of your videos. In our classroom, we have a behavior chart where kids clip up or down with clothes pins onto different colors. Our best behavior color is pink and our bad behavior color is red. Kids can earn jewels and prizes for their behavior while they lose recess for bad behavior. Blue is also a good behavior color for us, and we thought it was funny that your worst behavior color was blue. We also have homework every night, but ours is 20 minutes of reading and a math worksheet, except for Fridays and the weekend.

    What made you choose your colors for your behavior chart?
    How long is your recess daily?
    Can you earn your green card back even if it is on green?

  • Suzy Brooks:

    Hi Mrs. Heckstetter’s Class!!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog and for visiting so many different pages. It is really exciting to know that people stop by!

    How funny that Blue is your “good” color, and it is a “bad” color for us. Green, Yellow and Red are chosen by many of our teachers to match up with traffic lights. I chose blue because our mood is blue when we get one of those cards :( . Thankfully, I haven’t given a Blue Card in two years, and this year I still haven’t even given a red card! Talk about a great group of kids!

    To answer your question – students who go to Yellow stay on Yellow until their behavior turns around. If it gets worse, they get a red card. After getting a red card, they go right back to green. If we come in from recess, and anyone is still on yellow, we put them back on green as well, so they have an opportunity to turn their day around.

    Our recess is right after lunch and it is 20 minutes. Students LOVE playing Four Square and Soccer – and the rest play on our playground structures.

    We’d love to hear more about your lunch, recess, and other special parts of your day!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and again, thanks for stopping by!!

    Stand Tall,
    Mrs. Brooks and her 3rd Graders :)