Roll Out the Welcome Wagon!

I am so very excited to share all the new things we have welcomed into our classroom recently!

Room 204 now has a terrific team of three teachers in the classroom every day.  Mrs. Price has been in our classroom since Day One, and has fallen in love with all of our wonderful  3rd grade students.

Mrs. Bell has joined our team, and will be working with students alongside Mrs. Price and myself every day.  She is so very excited to get to know all of us in Room 204, and is thrilled to join in the Mullen-Hall family.

We have also started welcoming volunteers into the classroom.  Please let me know if you are interested, and we’ll work together to come up with days and times that work well.

Lastly, we welcomed iPads into the classroom last week, and I’m thrilled to share that it was a successful kickoff! Check out our blog this year for progress updates surrounding this new initiative.
:) Looks like it’s now that time of year where the weather gets chilly.  Be sure your child brings a sweatshirt or jacket for time on the playground. Sometimes our classroom is chilly, and other times, it’s pretty hot. Dressing in layers will help with that as well!
:) We are rolling into Month Two of school! Crazy, huh? Students have the hang of rules and routines, and we are knee-deep in new learning!

  • Abby:

    I like how you did a reminder about close and layers. I agree
    that it is cold out sometimes. I also like it Because you put smiley faces too.

    Yours truly Abby.

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Thanks, Abby! I am always glad that I leave a sweater at school for those days that the classroom is chilly. Smiley faces are fun! You can make them in your comments, as well — :) :D I think there are a bunch of different ones!

      See you soon, and thanks for your comment!
      Mrs. Brooks