International Dot Day

This week, we celebrated International Dot Day along with hundreds of thousands of others around the globe.  Reading Peter Reynolds’ book, The Dot, inspires us to “Make our Mark” and see where it takes us….  I am always amazed by how inspired students are after we read the book and talk about ways we can make an impact on the world.  The Dot serves as a launch pad for much of our community service work during the school year.

We started off our day by reading The Dot, and then later on, we used Big Screen Books on our SMARTBoard to listen to Peter read his book. We also had an “author visit” by watching the video that comes with Big Screen Books.  While we watched and listened, we painted our own dots using crayon relief and watercolors on CD-labels. They came out fabulous!

Here are some of the photos:
This is the final product – hanging in the hallway outside our classroom!