A Sweet End to Summer

Lots of you know that I love Pinterest – and goodness knows I’ve pinned enough recipes to sink a car carrier.  But when I’m in the grocery store with no means to Google anything, I’m left to my own resourcefulness.  That happened today when I arrived at the store, determined to buy ingredients to make a Twix Trifle I “saw” on Pinterest.  With no recipe, and no shopping list, I set to work.  Just so you stay tuned for the whole post – here is the final outcome:

I know, right??!!!! I’m ready to skip dinner, and head straight for dessert!

So, here’s the super-easy, off-the-cuff recipe:

Twix Trifle

1 package Sandies shortbread cookies – broken into bite-sized pieces.. Mix those in a big bowl with:

2 boxes of Twix bars – these are the smaller sized ones in the cookie aisle.  Break those up into bite-sized pieces, too.  Mix them in with the Sandies, but save some for the top.


2 boxes of instant pudding – I mix two boxes together (white chocolate and butterscotch)

1 small jar hot fudge

1 small jar of caramel sauce

whipped cream (yes, I make mine from “scratch”)

Now start layering:


drizzle hot syrups


whipped cream


Finish with whipped cream, and top with the reserved Twix bars.


Hire someone strong to carry the container, because it will weigh a ton.  Also, find a BUNCH of friends to share it with you, otherwise you’ll weigh a ton, too!!  7 of us managed to eat only 1/3 of the whole dessert tonight.  You know what that means…..



What a fun back to school lunch that will be! Hmmmmm..


I’ll have to save room for dessert on Tuesday ;)

Let me know if you try making it at home!

  • Jacey:

    Hi Mrs. Brooks!
    That Twix truffle looks sssoooo good! In class when you told us you made that it shocked me. I can’t believe it served 20 people. If I could have that for dessert I would be in heaven. My favorite part would be the twix on top. I wish I had the ingredients to make it tonight – without the whipped cream :-)

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Jacey!
      I have to tell you – it was so delicious, we had to make it twice! I bet it would be good with coconut in it, as well. No whipped cream for you? That’s okay – all the more for me! Hee-hee :) . Thanks for your comment, and keep me posted if you make anything yummy in the kitchen!
      Mrs. Brooks

  • Jacey:

    The other day me and my mom made crapes.They were sooooooo good.I put butter and jelly on mine.My sister aet hers like a pancake.