Bridges, Bargains, Butterflies and Beaches!

On my way home from the classroom last week, I had another sighting of the Sagittarius Leader in the Cape Cod Canal, a car carrier out of Panama.  It is quite a sight, to see it going under the Sagamore Bridge. My timing was perfect!!

I was out shopping with Kendyl this morning, looking for a few things for the classroom. I’ve been searching ALL SUMMER for some fun seats that meet the fire code, and are kid-proof (in theory, at least).  Look what I found!!  I think these will be super, because we won’t be using desks this year – only tables.  They must have been made with teachers in mind, because I just couldn’t resist!!!

Immediately after snapping this picture, I saw a beautiful swallowtail butterfly in my (naturally!) butterfly bush.  I was able to snap pics both under and over this beautiful butterfly:

Finally, we emptied the van of jumbo dice, and filled it with beach chairs and boogie boards…  Sagamore Beach is hardly ever wavy – and so today’s wild waves were a fun treat!  Here’s Kendyl, having a blast…

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend!!! See you soon!!!

  • Leeann:

    Where did you get the dice? I love them!

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Leeann,

      I lucked out and found them at Walmart for $4.50 each, marked down from $20 :) Hopefully they are going to last awhile! Thanks for stopping by.

      Take care,