Byegone July

August 1st already? July flew by, and so I thought it was time I shared a little of what I’ve been doing….  You will be able to click on almost every picture to learn more about where I’ve been :)

We spend a lot of time at the beach and along the Cape Cod Canal – here’s a shot I snapped of the bridge as it was down.  No train ever came across, but it is always cool to be able to see it rise and fall.  Well, it doesn’t really FALL, lol

We have made a few trips to Boston, to visit with friends – here are some of the pictures I’ve taken while there:

The Holocaust Memorial - click the pic to learn more...

Paul Revere Monument - click the pic to learn more....

Yummy Cannoli from Mike's Pastry - click the pic to visit the bakery!

LOVE the penguins at the New England Aquarium! Click the Pic to visit NEAQ!

I took a TON of jelly pics! Click the pic to learn more!

And some blue ones....

And these look like snowflakes - no two are exactly alike :)

I met my online pen-pal friend, Charity for the first time! We had FUN!

I also have done some teaching this summer — I have been working with the folks at EdTechTeacher to present ideas on using technology in the elementary classroom.  The classes are held at Harvard University – where the campus and buildings are beautiful. Here are a couple of photos from my first days there:

Chairs in Harvard Yard. Every one is empty on my way to class, every one is full on my way home...

Adolphus Busch Hall - Where our classroom is located!

My hard-working students.

I also traveled to Washington, DC, where I spent some time with other education leaders from around the country. We talked about ways to celebrate and support the Whole Child in education. I believe that Each Child should be Healthy, Safe, Engaged, Supported and Challenged – ASCD, and Massachusetts ASCD helps to support that goal.

Fountain at Reston Town Center

We wrapped up July by heading to The Forks, Maine, where we went whitewater rafting with the folks at Crab Apple Whitewater, Inc..  Our guide, Paul was wonderful, and we enjoyed quite the adventure!

I'm the one wayyyyy in the back :)

Because the ride was nearly 7 hours each way, we kept busy in the car, playing games.  One we started was a hunt for license plates — looks like we’ll need an August road trip to finish finding all of the license plates on our list:

We found the list at!

So, as we swing into August, I’m looking forward to some more adventures before we head back to school. What have you been up to?  What are your plans for the rest of the summer? Leave a comment and let me know! I miss you!

As for me, today is my 20th wedding anniversary, so I’m off to make reservations for dinner – I’ll catch up with you all, soon!

August 1, 2012