So, today, is the last day of school.  It’s a day filled with mixed emotions, for students and teachers alike.  I know this year, I could keep on teaching this group for weeks to come – they are wonderful.  I will certainly have a hard time letting them go to off to fourth grade.  Sigh.

So, this morning, we will have about 40 minutes to spend with next year’s students!  I received my list yesterday, and started looking at the pictures in the yearbook, so I can start to match names with faces. Those cute little faces will come into my room and I’ll have an opportunity to get to know them.

I decided this year to run an abbreviated morning routine with them.  We will start off by watching a Schoolhouse Rock! video – the same one we will start the year off with in the fall – Three is a Magic Number, of course!!

Then, it wouldn’t be a morning in 204 without analyzing an image to improve our reading skills and strategies.  I’ve chosen an image I shot on vacation, and students will have an opportunity to sample several skills using the answer sheet below.

Created using FableVision's Stationery Studio!

Finally, students will get to fill out the questionnaire all about themselves – I think they’ll get a kick out of reading it again come this time next year!

Image created using FableVision's Stationery Studio!

The time will be filled so quickly, I’ll barely have time to snap a photo of my new crew!

For one day a year, I am fortunate enough to have 39 students – that’s a lot of smiles and hugs!  Wish me luck – I’m apt to be a weepy mess come noontime today.

  • Casey:

    OMG! The nest from the eagle cam is gone!! I am so suprised! I am SOOOOOOOO glad that school is out! What have u been doing these days? Have u been on any vacations? I haven’t! I am going to New Hampshire next week! But thats nothing really big like Mexico or Florida or some place thats far away! How is your summer going?

    Casey P. B.

  • Suzy Brooks:

    Hi there Casey P.B.! *no* last names, cutie!!

    I just finished teaching a bunch of wonderful teachers in Shrewsbury all about using technology in the classroom, and today I am home sick :( . Hopefully it’s just a cold and I’ll feel better and be back on the beach.

    New Hampshire sounds fun! It’s just as wonderful, because it’s trip away you spend with your family – enjoy yourself! Hopefully we’ll be going white-water-rafting again this year up in Maine.

    I’m off to take a nappy – keep me posted on your summer – you almost FIFTH GRADER!!!! Crazy!

    Mrs. Brooks

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    • Suzy Brooks:

      Esperanza – I just visited your blog – and you have so many resources for teachers! I am sure that many teachers visit your blog to find helpful resources as well. Thank you for stopping by! Take care, Suzy