Suggesting Strategies

Yesterday was Field Day, and we had a great day from start to finish….  at the end of the day, we were relaxing in the classroom, when my students yelled for me to come over… this is what they had to show me:

I ran and got the camera and snapped a picture (or 5)

As I was putting my camera away, Caitlin said to me “Mrs. Brooks – you should put that picture on your Skills & Strategies board!”  Of course my whole face lit up – along with my brain – so guess what we’re doing this morning?  I’m going to have students decide which skill or strategy I will use this image for.  This morning’s work will be to choose the one they each think fits best, and to tell me why…

I’m curious to see how this goes!  Stay tuned……….

The Results:

Well, “Questioning” won by a landslide – here are some reasons why:

I think it should be questioning because a lot of questions come to mind when I look at a chair suspended by 2 legs.  Some of the questions are: How did the chair get that way? Who put the chair there? Why is it that way?

I think questioning would be good because it is a good  first picture and it is easy to ask questions about it.

I think the picture should be under Questioning because it is a strange-looking picture.  Chairs usually stand 4 on the floor, and so I bet a lot of questions will be asked about it.  I also think it should go under Predicting because I bet a lot of kids will predict that it will fall over.

I think so because it looks like you would be able to get a lot of questions from it like: Who are those people?  How is it like that? And what book is that?

I think the picture should be questioning because a balanced chair in the middle of a classroom on two legs is not that very normal for kids to see.  Also, there are kids they don’t know at all.

Cause and Effect made a nice showing in the results as well.  Here are some results:

I think it could teach Cause and Effect because this picture could really get the kids thinking about what caused that to happen.  Questioning would be a good one too because you could ask a lot of questions about how that could happen.

I think that you should put it on the Cause and Effect board because you want to know what caused it and what its effects are.

Some other ideas:

I chose Fact & Opinion because children can have facts about the chair and opinions, too.  Some opinions: that’s cool, or awesome.  A fact is that it is possible to balance a chair.

I would choose Main Idea and details because they could get all the little details from the picture. Then they could think about the main idea of the chair balancing.

I would choose Predicting.  Kids can predict what will happen to the chair next.

And on that note – I will probably choose questioning – but the predicting idea is tempting.  I am guessing that adults are all predicting, too… and it is coming true!  -We are now balancing chairs left and right all over the room!  “Mrs. Brooks – look!!!”  “Hey, Mrs. Brooks – get your camera!!”  “Look at this chair, Mrs. Brooks!!!”  Sigh.