Data Analysis: 3rd Grade Style!

So, we’ve been learning how to solve multiplication problems using partial products.  Not an easy feat!  We are at the point where every student understands the process, and can complete problems independently.

You now wonder… what’s the problem?  Wellllll….  Sometimes we still make mistakes!  Really?  I know, it seems unbelievable, but it is true.  Since Day One, I’ve told my third graders that making mistakes is to be expected, it is how we learn from these mistakes that is most important.

Today we analyzed 9 problems assigned during class yesterday.  Mrs. Brooks graded them, but didn’t fix any of them.  Instead, she created a list of Common Mistakes, and a SMARTBoard slide to illustrate those mistakes.  204 students had to analyze each problem, and categorize the mistakes they had made.


As a teacher, Mrs. Brooks quickly realized that analyzing the mistakes was MORE CHALLENGING than making them in the first place.  Students had to work cooperatively to analyze each others’ problems, and to tally up the data.  It was too tricky to try and do it alone.  Though in the end, each student realized where his or her efforts needed particular focus.

The papers, and the data analysis, went home today.  Look for it in a Backpack Near You!!

Mrs. Brooks made one error on this slide. Can you find it and analyze it??

Created using Stationery Studio from FableVision!

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