5th Annual Living Wax Museum

I’m still thinking about last night, reflecting on all the hard work on display in the halls of Mullen-Hall.  I hope each and every student feels so proud of his or her achievement, as they deserve to be!

It took me nearly two hours, but I have finished everyone’s Biography Unit Grading Sheet.  There was just no way I could give a single grade for the entire project – there were too many different requirements! So, students helped me come up with the following grading sheet on the SMARTBoard – thanks, friends!

Created using Stationery Studio from FableVision!

All of our speeches are now uploaded to our VoiceThread page – check them out !HERE! Keep in mind, these recordings are the first time students performed speeches at school.  By the end of the Wax Museum performances, each student had recited his or her speech dozens and dozens of times.  Of all the years we have taken on this project, this year had the most memorized speeches!  BRAVO!!

As for the individual photos – they are on the way!!

Some first grade museum patrons

Some Kindergarteners learning all about Massachusetts colonial history.