Waxing Dramatic

Well, our 5th Annual Living Wax Museum is coming up in less than a week.  From what I can gather, our students are on target and ready for next Tuesday and Wednesday’s recordings and performances.

We’ve taken 3 opportunities to spend time in the computer lab, practicing our speeches using PhotoBooth.  Students recited speeches, and then played them back to observe and listen.  A few comments I heard:

“If I didn’t say “um” so much, my speech would be shorter!”

“I didn’t realize I was talking so fast!”

“I am trying to increase my volume.”

“I didn’t know that I moved around so much when I speak.”

Here are a few snapshots from around the lab yesterday, as students practiced and practiced and practiced….

Looks like there has been a big sale on Dream Big shirts.  If anyone finds this shirt in my size – let me know!  I think the ruffles and sequins would look cute on me!!!  HEE!

Finally, today we say goodbye to Mr. White.  Mr. White is a yearly volunteer in my classroom, where he helps with Read Naturally.  He loves coming in to help students improve their reading, and the thank you notes that he’ll receive today will mean so much to him.  We created another bag, and think he’ll look adorable carrying it around town!

The projector comes in handy for creating these bags - I just hang the bag on the wall, shine the image onto it, and start tracing!

Our Class Dojo report for the week :) . It was a good one, with the exception of chatting through the morning music. So, today students were treated to 4 musical selections by Benjamin Britten, Josh Groban, Crash Test Dummies and Gary Girouard.

  • alexis:

    hey mrs. brooks can’t wait to see these 3rd graders do wax museum this year bet it would be great since the time to practice in the computer lab they’re very lucky to have a teacher like you.:-]

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Alexis!

      Thanks for your sweet note – we are very excited – and I think that working in the lab was so helpful to them. We start recording their speeches on Tuesday – hopefully everything goes smoothly! Have a wonderful long weekend with your family!

      Mrs. Brooks