Literacy for Life: Staging the Finale

Here is PART ONE of this project…

So, tomorrow is the Big Day – the day we hop on the school bus and deliver all of these bags to Falmouth Hospital.  I’m still *not* quite ready!!!  The organization of all the logistics involved is challenging!!

So, here’s my crazy checklist:

Project introduction:  CHECK!

Blog about project: CHECK!

Contact Jim Trelease and download his brochures: CHECK!

Students conduct research on early literacy: CHECK!

Blog about project: CHECK!

Review CAFE goals for fluency: CHECK!

Order 23+ board books from Scholastic: CHECK!

Allow for democratic choices in regards to Scholastic books: CHECK!

Students practice board books incessantly: CHECK!

Blog about project: CHECK!

Explain each of the five paragraphs for persuasive letter: CHECK!

Manage Writing Workshop without losing my sanity: CHECK!

Record 23+ readings: CHECK!

Convert recordings to iTunes: CHECK!

Buy plain white gift bags: CHECK!

Allow students to decorate gift bags: CHECK!

Print introductory letter from me & sample letter: CHECK!

Manage “Publishing” stage of persuasive letter writing: CHECK!

Purchase CD’s,  Jewel Cases & Labels: CHECK!

Design CD case inserts: CHECK!

Print labels for bags: CHECK!

Print CD case inserts: CHECK!

Print labels for CD Inserts: CHECK!

Burn recordings to CD’s.  WAIT! WAIT!  After one CD burned, my laptop’s burner stopped working.

Brave Cape Traffic to buy a CD/DVD burner: CHECK!

Burn 30+ CD’s: CHECK!

Organize photos of project: CHECK!

Assemble bags.  Don’t forget anyone. CHECK.

Blog about project: CHECK! CHECK? Not really – I’m not done with this project!!

More to see tomorrow! Stay tuned!!!!

Here is the FINAL ENTRY for this project….