Mother’s Day, Revisited

This is the one time per year when I do not write a newsletter.

Instead?  I slept late-ish (is 7:15 late??), played on the computer, and went to Carson’s lacrosse game, where they won!!!  I ended the traffic-laden day with my 90-year-old mother-in-law, who was excited to see all of us….  And tonight? More time on the computer looking at all the photos I’ve snapped this weekend…. If I can stay awake, I’ll go All Out and watch the News!

Sunday nights are always full and tonight is no exception!!

What’s To Come:

:) If you are able to drive for an upcoming field trip (JUNE 8!!!!!), please let me know.  Our trip to Aptuxcet  scheduled for tomorrow, has been cancelled ;(.

:) Homework this week is individualized, depending on student participation during classwork time.  What does that mean???  Good question!  You will receive a separate letter that explains the way that homework “works” this week!

:) As always, questions are welcome!!

Stand Tall,

Mrs. Brooks

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This week, instead of Schoolhouse Rock!, I decided on a little Sesame Street!