Mrs. Brooks = Dr. Doolittle?

I know I’ve been caught whispering to myself endless times, but I really never knew what an animal whisperer I was until this school year. It seems that our classroom sink is a safe haven for all sorts of creatures, and yesterday was no exception.

Look who was hanging out in our sink yesterday!

Awwwww, a Slug in the Sink.  There’s a children’s book or a poem hidden in there somewhere!! Anyone want to take that on?


Why I LOVE my students: I casually scooped up the slug, and secretly held it while I finished teaching a math problem on the SMARTBoard, and then flipped on the doc camera for an impromptu Show and Tell.  Once the camera focused, and the kids recognized what I was holding, they giggled and chatted a bit, and some changed their position to get a better look.  About 90 seconds later, they were re-engrossed (is that a word?) in their math lesson as if there were never an interruption.  Talk about flexible!

Can I keep them all summer?  Not the slugs and bugs – but your children???

  • Casey:

    Hi Mrs.Brooks!
    That slug thing reminds of the 2 times I found a centipede in my classroom! Once it was crawling on the floor and the second was on the wall! That also reminds me of how i am freaked out about bugs like that! Have you checked out the eagle cam in a while? I checked it out tonight! It is so cool! There’s more babies! it is so exciting watching them! U should really check them out! O and do u ever watch American idol? I do! U have to tell me all about the Celtics game! Like how they did and what it was like to be there in real life and not just watching it on TV!!!! I bet it is fun! i wish i was there with u!! I have never been to any real game other than the Paw Socks!!! I wish i could go and see basket ball! i have some really talented kids in my class! O and did u no i had the pacer! i got 63 but i didnt use any of my mistakes! so i could have gotten 65!!X( EEEERRRRRR I am so mad! at least i beat my score that i got last time! i beat it by 7!!! That is still really good! so today on the bus ride home we were talking about 6 packs and I yelled that i have 1!! (and i really do!) and most of the boys were saying “but your a girl!” and said “ya! i do gymnastics!” it was so funny i wish u were there! So u no when u taught us about coordinations last year? And how u said to remember DA (down,across!) Well this year its AD! So did u like teach us the wrong thing or something????? thats what really makes me wonder!!!

    alright have to go!!
    love the awesomest student ever! (in 3rd grade at least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) CASEY PAIGE !!!!!!!!!!

    • Suzy Brooks:

      PHEW!!! Casey you do make me smile, that’s for sure.

      First – the Down, Across was for an ARRAY. — Remember? “It’s an ARRAY, DA! Down, Across!” You know – like 4X3 if you make an array has to have 4 rows down and 3 columns across. The coordinates were for the coordinate grid – Over and Up – like on a walkie-talkie. Move the ladder first, and then climb up it. I’m guessing in 4th grade you are also going down the ladder because you might be doing negative numbers? You’ll have to stop by and show me!

      The basketball game was SO SO fun – I went to one 20 years ago and it was so different this time around. LOUD music, lots to watch and the Jumbotron was the best part (besides the game, of course).

      I’m sure you’d have to be in crazy good shape to do gymnastics. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, though, Missy! Kendyl and Carson always came home telling me about the Beep-Beep test and about their scores. Carson tries very hard when he does it.

      I do watch Idol, but I missed the last few weeks. Once I miss a week, it’s hard to get back into it.

      Have a wonderful weekend, awesome girl!

      BE NICE TO YOUR MOM for Mother’s Day!!!

      Mrs. Brooks