Literacy for Life: Part IV

Our Books for Babies project is rolling along, right on schedule. I continue to be blown away! High effort and strong dedication was put forth by each student during the past week. Working in partners, students helped each other by listening, giving suggestions and providing feedback.

All of my students took their jobs seriously; practicing their particular book many, many times in order to perfect their performance fluency.  We found time in our schedule this past week to record our readings. The end result was a heartfelt recording by each student.

This coming week, students will work hard to finish their persuasive letters.  The assigned paragraphs (there are FIVE of them!!) cover all aspects of the project, and are very detailed. I think you will be duly impressed when you read the pieces put together by your 8 and 9 year olds. This is the reminder sheet 204 students have glued in their writing binder, to remember what each of the 5 paragraph topics are all about….

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Next week, we wrap up the project by decorating the gift bags, and assembling them all for delivery! Yaay!

Friday is Mullen-Hall In Action Day.  500+ students will be completing community service projects all over the town of Falmouth.  What an amazing and positive way to tie our school to the greater community.  Thank you, as always, for your continued support of our classroom and our school.

Here is Part 5 of this project

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What’s to Come:

:) If you are able to drive for an upcoming field trip, please let me know.  Our trip to Aptucxet is scheduled for May 14, and our trip to the Cape Cod Canal is June 8.

:) The MCAS Math test is Wed and Thur this week. Don’t forget to send in those oh-so-treasured Snack Bags for your favorite test-taker!!

:) Tomorrow is an early-release day. Be sure to send in dismissal notes if there is a change in your child’s schedule. I will be spending the afternoon learning more about how the Common Core will affect our math curriculum. I’m excited!

Laugh Out Loud,

Mrs. Brooks

School House Rock! — this week is about energy again!