Friday ALREADY???

I’m actually sad to see this week end :(   I had a great time with the kids, as they are maturing and better able to work hard and listen.  If they are working hard and listening, we have the chance to mix in more fun!  You can see by our weekly Dojo score, that the positives outweighed the challenges, and that’s good for everyone!

We made some great progress in our Books for Babies project.  We have recorded 80% of the students’ books, and their fluency is beautiful to listen to.  I was especially impressed by their treatment towards and support for each other.  What positive messages I heard all week!

A couple resources your child might want to re-visit this week are:
Boingy World – Jack shared a book in his book talk this week, which was written by his friend, Erik – the link is here:

On Monday, Mrs. Brooks’ friend, Jerry Blumengarten (Cybraryman) will be visiting the classroom.  You can check out his endless, valuable resources here:

I feel like I am forgetting something. OH!  I shared a video of my brother Eric recently.  Eric is a talented woodworker and musician.  He combined those skills to create a guitar.  It is modeled after cigar-box guitars he has seen online, but he is working to create them so they are a bit fancier.  Though the video is a bit noisy (it was Easter Sunday!), and he hasn’t finished it yet,  you can see how cool it is!!