Mrs. Brooks, Unplugged.

Anchors, Aweigh!!

I just returned from a week at sea. We booked a last-minute cruise out of NYC, and enjoyed a wonderful trip together as a family.  It was the first time I was completely “unplugged” in a long time.  That’s right – no cell phone, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, blog or anything!  Coming back home to a mountain of virtual tasks was overwhelming to say the least, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

During this week, I had opportunities to learn and try new things, and make connections with folks I might otherwise not have.  I was reminded of many Life Lessons during the course of the week, having nothing to do with my passion for technology.

Curling up in the sun, with a view of the ocean and a good book, is good for the soul. I read a whole book!!

Talking to people in elevators can be a whole lot more fun than pretending like we don’t even notice each other.

Asking the staff on the ship about their families back at home made their eyes shine like diamonds. Not seeing your spouse, child or grandchild for 9 months at a time can be so hard.

Juggling isn’t any easier at 43 than it was at 23 when I was forced to learn how in a teaching course. I was once again reminded that learning something new can be so frustrating. Practice makes perfect!

Taking the stairs is infinitely easier going down, than it is going up.  Similarly, a 965-foot hallway seems endless when you’re running late.

The term “Small World” comes up in conversation far more often when you reach out and talk to strangers.

Laughing out loud is more enjoyable when you laugh with someone else.

Now that I’m back on solid land, sitting at my computer? I’m off to follow my new friends on Twitter! ;)

What’s to Come:

:) Students hopefully spent vacation practicing their Books for Babies!  We start recording this week! Thank you for your support!

:)   Wax Museum will sneak up fast – be sure to ask questions as they arise, and to plan ahead for a timely finish.

:) We start our final round of Book Talks this week.  Students who finish should take the extra time to work on Wax Museum or to read.

Laugh Out Loud,

Mrs. Brooks

Kendyl & I with our favorite boat-mates!

This week? Electricity, Electricity!!