Our assignment from our Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge this week is surrounding the topic of creativity.  Right before we left on vacation, we were treated to this year’s Art Show.  Mrs. Benton does an amazing job of transforming the hallways of Mullen-Hall into a true gallery.  This year she asked teachers to submit any artful creations to be displayed alongside those of our students.  Beautiful sketches, paintings, baskets, quilts and sculptures were shared – what talented artists we have here at school!

I decided to submit some of my photography for display.  Though my favorite photos are portraits, I thought it would be nice to showcase some of my landscapes and still images.  I had one photography class in college, but I mostly just take photos for my own enjoyment. It’s fun to share them with others, too! The music that is playing in this slideshow is a recording made back in 1959.  It is my grandfather, Harding Sundell  – often called Hardy or Sunny by his friends.  He never had a lesson in his life, and I could listen to him play 24/7.

Also, one of my students, William, has been hard at work this year, creating comics. I thought I would take the time to share his third installment, as his creativity suits this post perfectly!