Literacy For Life: Part II

HERE is the link to the first post we made on this Big Project!!!

HERE is the link to the third post we made on this Big Project!!!

Carson Reading (what's wrong with this picture??)

We are continuing along our path to learn more about the importance of reading to small children. In the past week, we have made several steps towards that goal.  We all think it is pretty cool that our Edublogs Student Bogging Challenge this week is all about global issues. Literacy is important the whole-world over, and we have decided that we can make a small difference in our world when it comes to encouraging early readers!

Students spent Friday reading 4 different articles on the subject of early literacy.  Each article came from the Early Moments website, and centered around suggestions to parents and reading research.  Room 204 friends took notes as they worked in cooperative groups, and they learned many strategies for improving literacy early on.

On Monday, Room 204 students wrote about their own reading memories growing up — here are a few to share:

I love how thoughtful my students are!!

Today, we spent time looking through board books, and writing notes in our journals about why they are good for kids.  Each student was able to review at least 5 books, and when asked to make more connections to their childhood reading experiences, this is what they came up with!

Created in FableVision's Stationery Studio - I'm not kidding!! I use it Every. Day!!

So, what is this “project” Mrs. Brooks is gabbing about?  We’ll be posting the details, soon!!!  Stay tuned!!!

  • I am blown away by the writing I have just read! As someone who loooovvvves reading I found it really interesting to read about other peoples reading habits! Did you just photograph your writing books and upload them? They look very effective on your post like that. Keep up the good work. I hope you don’t mind if we borrow your idea in our class.

    • Suzy Brooks:

      Hi Mrs. N-C!

      Thank you for your kind words :) . We use our document camera to display student writing on the SMARTBoard, and also to snap photos, too. The doc cam does a much better job of taking crisp photos as compared to my Canon. Borrow away!!

      Happy Blogging,
      Mrs. Brooks