Suzy the Silent Teacher…

Today, I taught the students without speaking one word…. I typed the entire lesson introduction on the computer, and it was projected on the screen.  Students read the directions word by word as I typed them live, and then got to work on their own….

Here are the photos and the text….  Ask your child about the lesson – it was a great Science Kickoff!!

Our room full of readers and writers!!

Our Scientists!!

Your Science Assignment:

You need: Colored Pencils or Crayons only.
I am waiting to give instructions.

I won’t type them until….

You are all cleaned up

And sitting DOWN

Some of you still have scraps, scissors and glue.

MANY of you are still talking.

Read inside your head.  You can do this! :)

If you are ready to start science, put your hands on your head.  Let’s see if your friends notice all of you good listeners with hands on your heads…..

I’m waiting for &&&&, ^^^^^, %%%% and $$$$.

This is something I do from time to time because it is important for all of you to follow directions.

You can put your hands down now :)

Ready for Science??  :)

Thumbs up?


Okay, this is your job – thumbs down.

I don’t want you talking about this to each other when I give the instructions — because it is important that you each do your own work and use your own creativity.  I want you to silently put up your binders –but this is not a test :)

So far, so good.  Nice.  Binders on the Right.

You will need colored pencils or crayons for this. Most of you already took them out – GREAT LISTENING!  Or is it READING?  I’m not sure.

####, you can sit, my friend…..

Thank you.

Inside your head, I want you to picture…….



Picture where that scientist is

Picture what that scientist is doing

Picture what that scientist is wearing.

I want you to take the time I’m giving you

to draw that scientist.

Use a whole page (that you DATE, of course) in the Science end of your journal.

Use the whole page -

lots of colors and careful drawing.

Raise your hand if you have a question.

?: Good question, @@@@.  I love that idea, but please only draw one scientist.  One per customer.

?:You don’t have to do any writing – you are drawing a picture. Of a scientist.  In your journal.  After you date the page, of course.

?: Try not to say “I don’t get it”

I will print off these instructions for you, ****, and you can re-read them before you begin.

That way you’ll know for sure what to do.

Are you all ready to start?

Work SILENTLY – if you need me raise your hand and I’ll swing by and visit you.


When we were done with our artwork, I asked students — how many of your scientists are boys? Have crazy hair?  Are wearing a lab coat?  Are wearing glasses? Are working in a laboratory? Have beakers of bubbly stuff next to them?  We talked about what scientists really are and what they really do – it was a fun Science Launch, and the kids enjoyed the lesson.  Hopefully the pictures are displayed – it seems that we’re having technical Blog difficulties??!!!??