Taxation Without Representation

Queen Suzy arrived early this morning to welcome students to Colony 309.  “Make yourself at home, enjoy your time here, I’ll do whatever I can do to help support you….”  is what she said….

Students chose jobs from a can on their way in the door — milliner, cooper, teacher, tax collector, blacksmith, Parliament member, etc….  It seemed like it would be a wonderful day in the Colony.


When students headed back to the room after library, they found a Ziploc bag of 30 jellybeans on their desk, along with notice of the new 309 Colony Tax Structure.  Remember, it is quite expensive to start a new colony – and not to mention to pay for wars, and the protection of the colonists!!  All that money adds up and Queen Suzy can’t be expected to pay for everything herself!!


Students soon realized that many of the routines, supplies and comforts they were accustomed to were now subject to tax.  It was amazing how quickly students gave up their chairs in the spirit of saving a Bean.


It wasn’t long before Queen Suzy had beans in her jar, and students without chairs:


At the end of the day, there was a debriefing and payout for the Tax Collectors and Parliament members.  Queen Suzy received 50% of all Beans collected.  The two tax collectors split 10% (6 Beans each) of the earnings, and the two Parliament members split 40% (22 beans each) of the take between them (and can you BELIEVE the Parliament didn’t have to pay taxes!?!)

Last I heard, Queen Suzy was hard at work adapting the Tax Structure to meet her needs as we head into Day 2….  Hmmmm…….   Any guesses on what she will tax??


  • Nathaniel:

    I think that Queen Suzy will tax calling out and computer time.

  • Suzy Brooks:

    ooooooooOOOOOO…. Computer Time!!! :P

  • Ruby!:

    hi queen suzy!
    why did you do taxes with jellie beans? If we did it for one more day i’d probably end eating the jellie beans before the the day’s done! Those jellie beans were yummy


  • Thank you for the wonderful idea! I implemented this with my third grade class today. It is so effective in helping them to understand taxes.

    Stacy Brackett