What a Difference a Week Makes!!

Here we are, one week past our Big Book Sort, and our Haiti Book Sale is over.  The “snow”day (and a half!!) didn’t seem to affect our fundraising efforts!!  You can visit the Falmouth Rotary Club site, where they are also keeping an eye on Mullen-Hall School HERE.

Students, teachers and many volunteers helped to sort, organize, label, restock, sell and clean up books on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday afternoon, and Friday.  Each day we were amazed at the totals.  Remember, these books were being sold for 25 and 50 cents EACH!!! The generosity of everyone we came in contact with was amazing…

Though there is no “official”  total, yet – we know that we’ve raised enough to fund TWO ShelterBoxes!!!  That’s over $2,000.00!!!  I wish that everyone could have heard the excited, PROUD, screams coming from kids in the Family Pod.  We all have lots to celebrate!!!

Watch some videos on the ShelterBox site, where you can learn about boxes arriving in Haiti:  HERE

Here are some updated pictures — enjoy!!