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“Run Jack Run” LOGO Contest

May 31st, 2012 · Digital Designers Showcase

The winners of the “Run Jack Run” LOGO Contest for the upcoming July 4th race have been selected.

From a wonderful array of logos submissions, the finalists were chosen from Ms. Peg Verdi’s Graphics classes at Falmouth High School.
Congratulations to

First prize winners: Bailey Snow and Lily Pariseault and Honorable Mention to Lauren Adams.

For more information on the race, visit

There is also an exhibit of some other entries in the Falmouth High School Library Media Center.

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Marine Art Contest -Stellwagen

May 26th, 2012 · Digital Designers Showcase


Falmouth High School students are invited to participate in this innovating contest by submitting their designs of marine life of the Stellwagen Banks  of our Cape Cod waters in a poster format.  Review the contest rules PDF and get started by learning what lives in the ocean nearby.


Congratulations to Kiernan Galbraith, Graphics 1 student in Ms. Verdi’s Graphics 1 class whose first experiences using photoshop and digital photography earned him an HONORABLE MENTION in this year’s highly competitive Marine Art Computer Graphics’ contest. Kiernan enjoys taking photographs of marine life and is very knowledgable of it’s origin. He is also a member of Ms. Brother’s Ecology Club.

Also, many thanks to the Ms.Verdi’s other Graphic 1 students whose works are on display in the FHS STEM Labs Display. Students include Kiernan Galbraith’s art along with the following students:

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High School Tutorials ; )

February 14th, 2012 · Digital Designers Showcase

High School Tutorial -Photoshop Tutorial

Go to this link

Click on the Tutorials and follow along with the activities in the first column.

Do the lessons in Column 2  and save

1. Selections

2. Move  3. Layers

4. Blending  5. Filters  6.  Line

Complete exercises and save in YOUR student folder.

Please use headphones and work ahead if you have time.


Getting Started
Introduction to SELECTION part 1

INtro to selection Part 2





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Tech Learning 24-7 with ATOMIC : )

November 7th, 2011 · Digital Designers Showcase


Great opportunity to learn technology skills using your FHS CLipper accounts, for students and staff!

Atomic Learning has been one of my favorite places as it has online tutorials to freshen and learn new software and get ideas for new ways to use the ones you have skills in.

Falmouth High School students and staff can log in from school and at home. Your teachers can help you log in with a new password.

  1. Goto
  2. Login with the following:
    1. Username:  your full email address        your name
    2. Password:   (be sure to change it under My Profile)


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Contests Time : )

October 24th, 2011 · Digital Designers Showcase


Here’s a chance to make your “dream basketball sneakers” and win a prize doing it! is sponsoring this contest – submission dates OCT.13-NOV.4th 2011

For more details- see the flyer or go to their site.  I will mail in your entries if you submit them to me.  Good Luck!

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Web terms

September 8th, 2011 · Digital Designers Showcase



2. Define the web terms

3. Save in your student / webdesign folder

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Many thanks to our friends for laptops

June 6th, 2011 · Digital Designers Showcase

Thanks are in order for an organization that has helped many students have access to computers at home for studying. The Masonic Angel Foundation’s Laptops for KidZ Program  has provided donated computers which they package with software that allows students the opportunity to do their academics at home.

Here is an article describing our most helpful connection this year.

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Career Goals – work today for tomorrow

January 19th, 2011 · Digital Designers Showcase

We work so hard in our daily Graphics & Webdesign classes on projects that are shared in class, in our school, and online with others. However, one important fact not to be forgotten, is that “What you do today, is a building block for what you do tomorrow”.   How will these course help me? What careers are out there to apply them to?  Well, here are some sites with ideas and places to expand your career and academic goals with creative juices can continue to grow with you.

Vocational Careers website has listings that fill one’s resume sheets and enhance ideas. Photography and Film category is amongst a whole list of careers  geared to Visual Arts. This is just a start but an all encompassing one that also has lessons, links, and resources.

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Tech shopping anyone? Try a new “back pack” : )

December 13th, 2010 · Digital Designers Showcase

One of the hottest gifts this year, if you have money to spend, is the iPad.  For students, it is a gift that brings education to their fingertips and a prequel to “the new backpack”. Instead of 30-40 lbs and More weight to carry around all day – try the 1.5 lbs that also serves you access to the internet ( if your school has wifi like ours does ) and many other apps for “that”, ie. calculator, encyclopedia, texts, flash cards, global resources, tutorials, portfolio, simple editing for pics, research and writing paper tools, presentation tools, the list continues.

There are some great new cases that bring protection and easier typing tools.

-Check out the Etch a Sketch case ( pricey but cool and hard case for $39 from My Gear)  and the case with a keyboard ( heavier but easier key touch ).  I may just have to get the iPhone ones for the iPhone 3 and 4. BTW- here’s the website for a Sonders photographer who did some marketing shots of them and whose friend worked with Ohio Art to create them.  Love it!


There’s also the ipad  case with a keyboard- there are several versions - most are in the $64 range – several to choose from.

I bought lots of iTune gift cards for they can be used not only for music downloads but apps for iPhone and the iPad.  They do add up!

Flash drives are always practical and very handy. We save our projects on a server but using your own flashdrive allows you to bring your work wherever you go- unless you are saving to a “cloud”.Even then, it is faster to save and input as you don’t have to log in to your email account to save or retrieve the files. Plus Photoshop files are sooooo big!

Blu rays are the way to go for more quality and there are plenty of deals out there if you don’t mind shopping online and look for them.  BEWARE of frauds!  A website that looked very legit in design and coverage took my $ 72 of DVD birthday gift for my son and never answered months of phone calls, emails, and had a FAKE store front with a po box when we went to find them in person. Thank goodness we had a credit card that covered loss.

Shopping online has become an answer to avoiding crowds just be cautious!

Enjoy shopping and getting at least ONE new thing to make life more tech abled!!

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iPad for Teachers

November 4th, 2010 · Digital Designer Tool Box for Teachers

Presenter tools include the iPad – which needs the following items.

1. VGA connection – $30 from Apple store – will display ONLY Keynotes, Movies, & Pic slideshows

2. Document Camera- will Mirror the iPad

Low tech makeshift  ( Web cam or old video camera on tripod /gooseneck lamp)

Document Camera ( wide range from portable , low resolution and slower tracking of moving images)

to high end models $600-800 that record, faster transmission)

3. Expedition, Good Reader  $1.99 VGA out put on sale now only $.99

4. Log me in – can operate the Smart Board from iPad

5. TightVNC: VNC-Compatible Free Remote Control Software

/ Mocha VNC  lite for iPad  – for controlling desktop from iPad

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