HW – Monday, January 9, 2012

QUIZ THURSDAY on The Outsiders vocabulary AND comprehension.  Study using your notes, summaries, questions/answers, rereading and discussion with teammmates.  There will be an ORQ on the quiz.

HW Tues. 12/20

FINAL FROSTY DUE TOMORROW WITH NEAT, COLORFUL PICTURE.  See Lasandra’s and Ethan’s models for inspiration!

for Thursday – read through Chapter 6 in Outsiders and complete creating 3 questions for chapter 6.

HW Mon. 12/19

Frosty: Final essay due Wednesday.  Use the rubric and model (see previous post) to guide you!

Outsiders: finish reading through Chapter 5 and complete “create questions” worksheet for chapter 5.

Frosty 1st draft model

HW Weds 12/7

HW Tues. 12/6

write Rico ORQ response (using your METAL organizer you completed last night)

HW-Mon. 12/5

fill out METAL for Rico ORQ

HW Thurs. 12/1

Frosty part 3.5 = add a 3rd column or make a new list of how each change you make to Frosty’s image will help him.  Remember, you’re trying to persuade him to choose your new image, so you need to give him good reasons why your changes are worthwhile for him.

HW Weds. 11/30

Frosty part III = fill in right column of 2-column notes with info on how you are going to change his problems you listed in class in the left column.

HW Tues. 11/30

Frosty – part II – write about what’s wrong with Frosty’s traditional image.  Why does he need a makeover?