common assessment

There will be a common assessment for 7th graders on 10/21 with time to finish on 10/24.  These will be scored by other ELA teachers.


Regardless of your grade, you may redo QUIZ #1 after school on Wednesday, 10/5, from 2:50 – 4:00 P.M.  You will keep the better of the 2 grades.  See me if that time doesn’t work for you.

QUIZ #2 on Tuesday, 10/4/11

QUIZ #2  will be on Tuesday, 10/4.  It will be on the 10 vocabulary words from the story we recently read, “Seventh Grade.”  You should find the words and definitions on pages 20 – 25 in your textbook, and you also should have written them in your notebook.  See posts under categories “Vocabulary lists 2011-12″ and “How to study for vocabulary quizzes” for more helpful information.


QUIZ #1 will be Friday, September 23 on paragraphs and “Seventh Grade.”  Please prepare by studying the All About Paragraphs notesheet, the student samples we looked at in class, and any notes you have in your notebook on paragraphs and “Seventh Grade.”  (note:  vocabulary quiz will be separate next week)