nonfiction guidelines

If you are reading a LITERARY NONFICTION BOOK, or one that is true (nonfiction) yet reads like a fiction novel, use the FICTION guidelines.

If you are reading an INFORMATIVE NONFICTION BOOK, or one that is for informational purposes, use these guidelines:

INFORMATIVE NONFICTION – Your summary should tell about the subject you read about and its

 author.  You should include the following basics of nonfiction, and your summary will be scored (up to

 100 points) as follows:

            60 points (10 ea.) = tell what these 6 elements are in the informational book:

                        Topic               Author info                  Author’s purpose

                        Format             Main idea(s)                Message

10 points = write the summary in 10 sentences or less

10 points = vary the sentence structure, i.e. do not start all with “The ____ in the book is ..”

10 points = vary the order of elements in your summary, i.e. do not follow above order

10 points = decorated / collage of words and/or pictures related to the book

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