Activity Common Assessment is due by 1/13 Friday @ 3 P.M!

Frosty REDO – if you don’t like your grade, redo & submit by Mon. 1/16

Cape Cod Times Contest/extra credit

Deadline:  January 23rd

Get the guideline sheet from me to learn details about how you can write a news/feature, opinion, review, or sports article and enter it in this year’s annual Cape Cod Times contest.  To get extra credit for English too, you must show me a 1st and final (revised) version of your writing before you enter it.  Winners earn cash prizes from the CCT as well!

Week of January 9, 2012

This week in class we’ll work on the 2nd Quarter Common Assessment – an essay about an afterschool activity.  1/6 we started the organizer, 1/9 we’ll continue, 1/10 do a first draft using Google Docs (and sharing with me) and 1/11 is the last in-class time to finish.  If you need extra time, you should stay after school Weds. or Thurs. until 3:30 P.M.

HW – Monday, January 9, 2012

QUIZ THURSDAY on The Outsiders vocabulary AND comprehension.  Study using your notes, summaries, questions/answers, rereading and discussion with teammmates.  There will be an ORQ on the quiz.

Frosty Grading Rubric

frosty rubric for blog

HW Tues. 12/20

FINAL FROSTY DUE TOMORROW WITH NEAT, COLORFUL PICTURE.  See Lasandra’s and Ethan’s models for inspiration!

for Thursday – read through Chapter 6 in Outsiders and complete creating 3 questions for chapter 6.

Frosty- Ethan’s model

HW Mon. 12/19

Frosty: Final essay due Wednesday.  Use the rubric and model (see previous post) to guide you!

Outsiders: finish reading through Chapter 5 and complete “create questions” worksheet for chapter 5.