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It’s June 19th? Really?

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Happy Father’s Day to all families!

I hope you have the chance to spend some quality time with your father, grandfathers, etc.  I cannot believe it is already June 19th!!!!  Two days until summer vacation!  Somehow it doesn’t seem possible that the school year is done and you will all be going to Morse Pond in the fall.  I know you will all be extremely successful and have enormous amounts of fun in fifth grade.  Thank you for an amazing year….it has been such a pleasure being your teacher!

Make sure to come and visit me at Mullen Hall next year!


Miss Tavares

  1. julia Said,

    i miss all of my friends. Guess what i’m getting braces on july 26th that stinks right?

  2. Miss Tavares Said,

    Hi Julia!

    I miss our class too! Exciting news about the braces (they’re not that bad….I had them when I was young too!). I hope you’re having an awesome summer. Make sure to come and visit Mullen Hall if you get some time next year!

    Miss Tavares

  3. julia Said,

    i might be able to on some fridays. i also got a feather in my hair. it’s green. i miss you so much see you fridays hopefully

  4. Miss Tavares Said,

    That’s great, I would love to have you come visit! I hope you’re having a great first week!

  5. julia Said,

    it was nice to see you again

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