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Fabulous Fourth Grade Updates from room 319

Social Studies: U.S Government Overview


After concluding our unit on immigration we have segued into the foundations of the U.S government. With this unit we are working on understand the role of President of the United States and how the POTUS works hand in hand with the other branches of government.

Check out these links to review at home :-)

Preamble to the Constitution


President Rap Song


3 Branches Edpuzzle Quiz




Animal Adaptations: Duckbill Platypus #16 #10


Duckbill Platypus adaptations

They use their wide bill to make ripples in the water to distract their prey and to catch them

closes its ears and nostrils so it can swim underwater and not drown

has webbed feet so it can walk on land and swim in water

closes its eyes when swimming because it can tell where its swimming by the movement of other animals and the water around it



Animal Adaptations: Jumping Spider by #3 & #14


Jumping Spider adaptations

has strong legs to jump after its prey to catch it

it makes a web like house to protect its eggs

once it jumps it leaves a strand of silk so it can find its way back home and so it can pull its prey back into its home

has strong legs to jump away from predators



Animal Adaptations: Wolverine by #11 & #12


Wolverine adaptations:
long claws to help them navigate the rocky terrain

broad paws to help them from sinking in snow and to travel long distances

despite their small size they can take down animals much larger then themselves such as: caribou, deer & bear

can walk or run up to 40 miles in a single day so they have a large hunting and scavenging area to feed from

they have a thick skin to protect them from predator attacks




Animal Adaptations: Puma by #8 & #24


Puma Adaptations:

flexible spine so it can jump far and high from different angles

sharp teeth to attack, kill and eat its prey

sharp claws to catch prey and grab the trees and rocky terrain where it lives



Animal Adaptations: Boa Constrictors by #4 & #25


Boa Constrictor adaptations:

can squeeze its prey to death with its 6-15ft body length (because they are not poisonous)

its prey is usually very large so being able to squeeze them gives the snake an advantage

very sharp teeth for battles

eats its prey whole

green skin coloring allows them to blend into the trees where they live



Animal Adaptations: Arctic Fox by #2 & #17


Animal adaptations for Arctic Fox

white fur in winter

warmest coat of all animals

coat color changes from winter to other seasons

not easily detectible due to short size and its coat that blends into the various surroundings



Socratic Seminars~ In 4th Grade!!!!!


Socratic method:

Socratic method (also known as method of elenchus, elenctic method, Socratic seminar or Socratic debate), named after the classical Greek philosopher Socrates, is a form of inquiry and discussion between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas. (source: wikipedia)

That’s a mouthful for anyone~ but we DID IT!!! Today students ALL participated in a Socratic Seminar and I could not have been more impressed! They cam prepared with Dialectic Journal entries (The dialectical journal is a type of double-entry note-taking which students use while reading literature. In the two columns students write notes that dialogue with one another, thereby developing critical reading and reflective questioning.).

We came together to discuss the character traits of Winnie, a main character in our book Tuck Everlasting. Students had to determine a character trait and then back it up with sound reasoning from the text. Then they had to put all of that together and state how this information helped them draw their conclusion about Winnie. Each inner circle group had approximatey 8 students and 10-15 minutes to discuss. I think they could have gone on for 30! The hardest part as the teacher was NOT interacting with the group. They did this ALL ON THEIR OWN!

Be prepared to see one of our Socratic Seminars appear as a video soon :-)

Socratic Seminar

Socratic Seminar

Terrific Tie Tuesday


We had several students who truly went above and beyond and created a school wide event :-) Today  was designated as Terrific Tie Tuesday because they simply thought it would be awesome to have everyone wear ties on the same day :-) The boys involved took the time to generate ties (with clip on backings), put up posters and meet with our administrative team to put this together! What a great engagement project! The education channel for Falmouth Public Schools did videotape our Community Meeting today where the group was announced and staff showed off their ties :-) FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

We the People


Yesterday we had the opportunity to see the musical We the People at the Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford. Students oohed and ahhed as they entered the ornately decorated theater. The musical allowed us to see the 3 branches of government through the eyes of the founding fathers as they explained the importance of it all to a student who was running for school president. The kids had a great time and it was the perfect kick off for our government unit in social studies :-)

As a part of our unit students will be learning the Preamble to the Constitution. Here’s a fun way to help them remember they words:



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