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Fabulous Fourth Grade Updates from room 319


Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 06 22nd, 2014

The end of the year is here! it’s time for our last minute wrap up activities and time to share some memories. Here is the link to our 4th grade video from our move up breakfast!! A HUGE THANK YOU to Holly Sawyer for putting this together for our team this year!


Exploring the U.S

Posted by mhorton in Social Studies, Uncategorized on 06 5th, 2014

Students have been working hard all year to identify and label the states and capitals of the United States, within their regions. We will be putting all of this together as we take our test on the 50 states and capitals on Wednesday June 11th. Here are a few resources we have used in class to help with memorization strategies

Wakko’s 50 States and Capitals Song

Wakko’s 50 States and Capitals


Tour the States

map of ushttp://youtu.be/_E2CNZIlVIg






Simply Symmetry…

Posted by mhorton in Math, Uncategorized on 05 21st, 2014

Today we are going to begin our unit on Geometric Symmetry. Below you will find helpful tools for learning about, and applying your knowledge of symmetry.


Line of Symmetry- a line that divides a figure into two congruent parts; the parts match when the figure is folded along the line.

Symmetric Figure- a figure with two congruent parts that match when the figure is folded along the line of symmetry.

Rotation- a figure has rotational symmetry if it can be rotated less than a full turn (360 degrees) about a point and looks the same as it did before the turn.

Center of Rotation- the point around which a shape turns and changes position.

Clockwise- a rotation in the same direction as the hands of a clock.

Counter-clockwise- a rotation in the opposite direction as the hands of a clock.

First, look at basic lines of symmetry=


Next visit Khan Academy to watch a tutorial and then begin to apply your growing symmetry knowledge :-)




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We are going to work with area and perimeter of both regular squares and rectangles, as well as irregular shapes. Remember what you know about squares and rectangles as you begin to investigate the shapes around you.

**PLEASE listen to ALL directions carefully!


Practice with perimeter


Take a quiz on perimeter



Find area



MCAS Math Practice

Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 04 28th, 2014

Well folks Thursday is the first day of May and the Math MCAS countdown  has begun! I know that you have each worked incredibly hard this school year to master your math facts and to become bright young mathematicians! Below you will find several links for useful Math MCAS practice sites. Today you will go through these sites and practice the skills that you feel you need the most assistance with.

Please be thoughtful in your choices so that you can get the most out of our time today.


Working on Number Sense



Practicing Math Vocabulary




Try out 3rd, 4th and 5th MCAS sample questions



Fraction Word Problems


You can also search Khan Academy for other 4th grade math topics in order to see videos and practice applications



Dashing through Decimals :-)

Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 04 8th, 2014

Adding and subtracting decimals can be so much fun! Using money is like using decimals each and everyday! :-) Follow the links below to watch a tutorial video, complete a practice activity, and finally test your skills with a decimal game.

Khan Academy Video




Decimal Workshop to practice your skills. Please choose addition and then play again for subtraction. You do not need to choose multiplying or dividing at this time.





In Hotel Decimalfornia, kids play the role of an escort Snowy Owl, who has to take as many Screech Owl hotel guests to their rooms as possible before the morning comes. But these pesky Screech Owls make nothing easy. Rather than just telling the elevator escort what room they are in, they make him figure out an addition or subtraction decimal problem! Worse yet, this hotel’s rooms are numbered by decimals! The good news is the Snowy Owl escort receives a $5.00 tip for each Screech Owl he delivers successfully. If the escort brings the Screech Owl to the wrong room, however, he loses $5.00!



Listen Lunch Lady, you have an especially unruly class entering the cafeteria in three minutes. That doesn’t give you much time to make sure all ten of the remaining students get through the line. Your job is to use your quick money counting skills to price each child’s lunch. Luckily, each item on the child’s lunch tray has a price tag. Be quick AND careful, if you count incorrectly you will hold up the line! Try to get all ten through the line before the next class comes barreling in and collides with the kids already in line. If you succeed, you will see it was worth all of the stress. You will receive your official MrNussbaum.com Lunch Lady certificate, proving you are a worthy lunch lady!


Angles are Angels :-)

Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 04 7th, 2014

We have been working to learn ALL about angles the last few days. Today you will work with a few interactive sites to test your measuring and creating skills! Can you save the earth from the alien invasion??!!

You MUST complete the activities in the order they appear. Alien hunting is only for the experienced angle expert ;0)








Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 03 31st, 2014

Today we will continue to work on poetry. We will look at some funny poems on Kenn Nesbit’s site


After you have had the chance to read at least 10 poems you will find your favorite one and create a Tagzedo!


1- Copy your poem from the size using Command+C

2- click on tagzedo link above

3-click Start Now

4- choose ‘Load’

5- Click into the large box labeled ‘Enter Text’

6- paste your poem using Command+P )(if your poem is very short paste it in several times so you have enough text to really fill your shape in the next section

7-find a shape that fits your poem – this is the art portion of the poetry display so it should be a good match. play with a few until you find the one that works for you.

8- play with colors and spins until it looks just right :-)

9- get final approval before printing anything

10- choose save and save your tagzedo in your class folder.

11- if you have time play with another poem! :-0)


Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 03 24th, 2014

Today we will tour the midwest so buckle your seat belts because you’re in for a fun ride!


First: Explore this interactive map and answer all related questions



Next: Test your region IQ :-)



Then: Interact with a few fun region games!



Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 03 10th, 2014

photo 1 photo 4 photo 2 photo 3 photo 2 photo 5 photo 1WOW!! I’ve only been in my 1st day of training for 2.5 hours and I already feel like I’m going to be a better math teacher on Wednesday!


I can’t wait to come back and show you what we’ve been working on!


~ Mrs. Horton


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