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Fabulous Fourth Grade Updates from room 319

Garden Party!

Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 12 3rd, 2014

This year we were lucky enough to have Mrs. Traykovski help us plant our lettuce in early Fall. Mrs. Heywood then volunteered to come in and help us harvest for a garden party! We learned about aphids, slugs and the life cycle of plants while we harvested :-) We also had many families send in items to add to our salad station- Thank you! The students were able to check out veggies, learn to clean lettuce properly, and even safe cutting techniques :-)

We were able to donate 16 quart size bags of lettuce to the Service Center!!!


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Follow Our Flat Stanleys

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You can follow our Flat Stanleys via our padlet:





3-Branches of Government

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The United States separated our government into 3 branches- like a triangle- so that no 1 branch had more power than the other 2 branches of government. This system also has what we call ‘checks and balances’. Each of the branches makes sure that the other branches aren’t abusing their powers.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.55.59 AM


If I was going to build a tree house using 3 large branches on my tree, I would need each one of them to create a strong enough support for my treehouse (which is like the country). If one of my branches fell off the tree my treehouse would not be a sturdy as it had been before. Imagine if 2 branches fell off!!! That would be disastrous!

Watch the video below and complete the assigned questions throughout the video


iPad Integration!

Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 11 7th, 2014

Computers, iPads, tablets and such are an AMAZING way to quickly connect students to new learning environments, get them working collaboratively with others, take ‘field trips’, research, create projects that connect learning to life and SO MUCH MORE! Below are the apps we are utilizing in class. We do share the iPads with Mrs. Quidley’s 2nd graders so there are a few that are intended more for them :-) To learn more about an app, and to see what is comparable on your device platform, I suggest ‘googling’ it so you can see the full description. We ABSOLUTELY do NOT require that you purchase any paid apps. I would ask however that you please download the free apps so your child can get the most out of the BYOD experience.

Again, those using android and kindle devices – there is a bit of leg work. It would be awesome if you could find math games, grammar games, word activities and a presentation creator so that your child can access these things using their devices. It does not always have to be the exact same app, as long as it produces similar results :-)

spelling city- we will be loading our new spelling program on shortly and it’s a great way for them to easily access words for practice.

kidblog- it’s amazing what they’ll write in cyberspace! This gives them easy access to their accounts and they can blog whenever the mood strikes them :-)

sushi monster- great math fact practice

khan academy- FANTASTIC practice/review of common core concepts with videos

google drive- they will be using their google docs accounts frequently so this is a very needed app

QR reader- we will be integrating scans into a wide variety of activities please download a free reader app

4th reading- great passages with reading comprehension questions

math slide- they love this multiplayer (up to 4 players) math practice- it has a variety of modes and levels

math code squad- another multiplayer (or single) player fact practice game

divisibility dash- great for practicing long division

US Geography with Flat Stanley- integrates with our Flat Stanley project

thinking blocks- addition/sub, mult/div, ratios- bar models in their hands :-)

Rube Works- we will use it extensively with STEAM integration and simple machines

4th social studies- great review

Explain everything- our publishing app- we use this for most of our projects in class so its a ‘must have’

Chicktionary- GREAT word work game :-)




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Bar Modeling

Posted by mhorton in Math on 11 5th, 2014

When we come across word problems that are multi-layered, comparing items or have several unknown variables- bar modeling is going to help us create a picture to identify the known parts and determine the unknown variables. This picture will then help us to solve complex word problems in a jiffy :-) Below are 2 examples of bar models we have completed in class. Use these as a review for your upcoming Unit 3 math test.












Special Friday Music

Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 10 24th, 2014

Thank you so much to #’S 14 & 20 for presenting our Friday ‘Fun’ Music selection on the announcements today!







Our song selection was ‘The World Can Be Better’





The Kid President song The World Can Be Better is Horton’s Herons official class anthem. It is an inspirational song about working together, AT ANY AGE, to make the world a better place. The song gives us hope that we can do things we didn’t think we could do if we just keep believing in ourselves. In fourth grade we face many challenges and believing in ourselves will help us to make our classroom, and other communities a better place to live and go to school. Even when things don’t go your way you can always look on the bright side and remember, it WILL get better if you ‘don’t stop believing’. How will YOU make the world a better place today???



MassCue Conference 2014

Posted by mhorton in All About Mrs. Horton on 10 24th, 2014

Sometimes as a learner you have to step outside the classroom walls to become reinvigorated with new ideas and applications for your learning. As a teacher I am a learner EVERYDAY! My students teach me each and every day- even when they have no idea they’re doing it :-) But sometimes we need to venture off to conferences and other professional development to learn about new ideas that will push our classrooms to the next level of learning while having F-U-N!!!

Yesterday I was blessed to be a presenter at MassCue2014. With this opportunity I was able to hear AMAZING TED Talks from: Asheley Olafsen- A Senior at Hopington High School; Peter Reynolds- The creator of Fablevision and the -ish books; Dr. Edwards- Superintendent of the Year for NC Schools and Sara Wilkie- a professional coach and mentor from MI. Then it was off to class. I was able to see Fablevisions newest products and learn how to integrate them into STEAM education in our school!!! I also learned AMAZING new tips and tricks for keeping my class engaged :-)

During a short bit of ‘down time’ we walked through the vendor booths to see all of the ways technology is being supported in schools. 3-D printers had to be my favorite exhibit! Mashpee even had kids coming in to showcase how they have been successfully using them in their classrooms :-)

The end of the day came quickly as I prepared to give my workshop of QR coding in the classroom. Despite it being the last session on the ‘dark side’, during a storm… it was GREAT! So many smiling faces and great energy as I went through my presentation. We had a chance to create QR codes and get feedback from others who were already using them in their classes as well :-)

A great day of learning was had by all… I hope and pray our next duty station leads us to a place with a great CUE program so I can attend theirs next year! :-)

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Wicked Awesome Writers!

Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 10 24th, 2014

As our year began we worked on writing expository pieces about events from our summer. Many students wrote about visiting  a Cape Cod beach and all of the exciting things that would await you there. We then took our ideas and turned them into persuasive ads that would encourage someone to want to come and explore the same ideas we find so fun in the summer! Check them out!



cape cod beaches
cape cod beaches
mini golf
water whizz
the beach
hershey park and fair
exploring the beach
friends at beach

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 8.39.30 AM

students used educreations to create these presentations. They had already written expository pieces on each of these topics. They then partnered up with people who had similar expository writing and thought about how to ‘sell’ their idea, using persuasive ads :-) It was a great way to see how we can take the same idea and write it using different forms of writing :-)


FableVision Learning

Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 10 23rd, 2014

FableVision Learning.

How will you find the right words to ‘write’?


Time to Divide Our Groups!

Posted by mhorton in Uncategorized on 10 22nd, 2014

Today we began to work with dividing LARGE numbers! With this we introduced our friend ‘Division Man’. He helps us to remember when to divide, multiply, subtract, and bring down before starting back at the top- with each division problem.

Introducing Division Man:


Practicing Long Division:


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