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Fall Field Trips


By Emily S.

7th grade teams have recently gone on some great field trips! Teams 3 and 2 went to Battleship Cove in Fall River. Team 1 went to the New Bedford Ocean Explorium. All the teams found some interesting things on their field trips.

Teams 2 and 3 went to Battleship Cove in Fall River.  At Battleship Cove students experienced what it was like to serve on a Navy Warship in World War II.  The students also explored other ships and exhibits such as the submarine Hiddensee. The Hiddensee was designed to oppose any naval threat to the East German Coast. To complete this mission the Hiddensee carried defensive weapons to ensure her survivability. It’s the world’s only exhibited example of a Soviet built missile corvette. Another ship they looked at would be “Big Mamie”, as her crew knew her as. “Big Mamie” holds the record as the heaviest ship ever launched in Quincy.  Cruising off the city of Casablanca, Morocco, “Big Mamie” took part in a gun duel with the French battleship Jean Bart, at a Casablanca pier. Five hits from “Big Mamie” destroyed the enemy’s battleship.

Some students really enjoyed Battleship Cove, while others did not. Kristen Marshall, 7th grade student on Team 3 said, “It’s something people of all ages can enjoy.” Many students who did not have very much fun had already been to Battleship Cove. “We loved it because we got lost so many times it was amazing!” said Taylor Tromp and Molly Fraser-Kulis, 7th graders in Team 3.

Team 1 went to the New Bedford Ocean Explorium.  At the Explorium Team 1 learned all about the ocean. The Ocean Explorium has an aquarium, museum, science center, and a school!  Team 1 experienced looking at the Earth in 3-d as if they were up in outer space. In the explorers’ zone they could learn about science with some hands-on activities.  Kea Lopez, 7th grade student of Team 1, said, “We watched a movie and we walked around in New Bedford. It was really cool and fun”.

 Both field trips were pretty great. On a day when there’s nothing to do, both of these places would be fun to explore. (P.S. Don’t go to Battleship Cove when it’s raining out).