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Where Were the Girls?

By Kendra M.

Every March, Mrs. Winslow holds a basketball tournament open to all students in the Lawrence School. Students play three-on-three, double elimination until the winner is declared after two weeks of competition. A few years ago the tournament took the whole month of March and there were separate brackets for boys and girls. One year, the finalists played their final match in front of the whole school! But this year was different.

This year there was only one girls’ team, so there could not be a separate girls’ tournament.

Where were all the girls? One girls’ team signed up to play in the tournament this year. Did the rest of the girls suddenly lose interest? Most girls who play basketball are on the school team or on a travel team, or both. So were they too busy? Or did they not want to play in a small, three-day tournament? Maybe they never heard the daily announcement to sign up.

We don’t want the tournament to stop, but if people don’t participate, it will. Should the announcements be more frequent? Should the intercom be the only way to hear about this? Could teachers encourage students more, or even have their own teams? What could be or will be done?