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Hockey Champs!

By Jamie D               

                The weekend of March 7th the Falmouth Clippers Pewee A team became the best Pewee team in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! The team traveled up to Woburn and competed with other Pewee teams throughout Massachusetts in the state tournament or “States,” as the players call it. They played a total of five games in the tournament and went undefeated. 

                The Pewees didn’t win by luck; they fought for the spot of team Massachusetts. Their first game was on Friday night against Burlington, a team that they hadn’t played before.   Falmouth won four to two.  On Saturday, Falmouth had games in the morning and late afternoon.  They won against Woburn four to two, and shutout Andover four to zero for the ticket to the semi-finals. On Sunday, the Pewees were ready for a tough game. However they flew through the semi-finals with flying colors beating Lexington-Bedford two to zip.

                Finally, Falmouth had made it to the championship round. They now ranked in the top two teams in the entire state, but that wasn’t enough for the Pewees, they wanted to win it all. They battled Plymouth, their interleague rivals that had beaten Falmouth eight to two earlier this year.  The Clippers went into the game as the underdog, but the previous loss seems to have been just the result of a “bad day.”  Falmouth stepped on the ice with a certain determination fueled by pure adrenaline and scored two goals in the first period. However, Plymouth was in the championship game for a reason.  Plymouth came back with their own two goals in the second. The score was tied at the end of the period and the stakes were high.  At this point the team who wanted it the most was certain to win.

                The rink was filled with anticipation. From the drop of the puck Falmouth dominated the third. They scored three sweet goals that the goalie didn’t even have a chance to stop. Falmouth thought that they had the game in hand and got a little lazy. They got caught with two men in the box with only three minutes to go. However Falmouth pulled through with a five to two win and became the state champions!

                Representing the Lawrence School on this championship team are : Jamie Driscoll, Rachel Moore,  Isaiah Lineaweaver,  Andrew Parkinson,  Ben Taylor. The coaches are Todd Taylor, Ronnie Bowman and Matt Rocheleau.